Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mexico 2019 - What I Wore

All inclusive resort dinner outfit
-- Outfit details below --

Alright! Post 3 of my Mexico 2019 series!  If you missed the other two posts, you can read all about my sister-in-law's wedding HERE and every last detail of the resort HERE. Ironically, I didn't feel that I took as many photos on this trip that I normally do, but I still had to separate all my content into three different posts! This post is dedicated to everything I packed/ wore. In general, my focus was bathing suits. I think I brought 3 extra suits than I actually needed. Otherwise, I threw a ton of tee shirts, off the shoulder tops, and shorts in a bag and called it a day! I did bring a couple of dresses knowing we usually have a couple of nicer dinners. Anyway, let's get started!

First a disclaimer. We did have a full length mirror in our room, but it was away from the window and the light bulb was out right above the mirror, so lighting was horrible. That said, I didn't bother trying to take outfit photos every day so unfortunately, I don't have a full documentation of everything I wore, but these are the photos I was able to take while I was there!

Left: Top (other colors here), Bottoms | Right: Top, Bottoms (in Bing Cherry)

Edit: Apparently you can't post photos in a bikini because Photobucket removed my photo. You will just have to visualize it yourselves! Sorry!
Sooooo, I'm totally not a "let's post myself in a bikini on my blog" type of person, but I had taken these photos to monitor my tan progress (left is our first full day there (Thursday), right is day 6 (Monday)), and they're the only photos I have of these swimsuits, so I figured I'd go ahead and share. Seriously, I spent the majority of time in my bathing suit, so it feels only appropriate to share what they looked like anyway. 

The wedding was on Saturday, we arrived on a Wednesday. I wanted to make sure I had strapless tops that I could wear leading up to the wedding so I didn't have tan lines while wearing my dress. JCrew Factory was having a crazy sale on their clearance items, so the top on the left was $9 and the bottoms were $3.90! With free shipping!!! The top on the right came as a set with the matching bottoms (pictured later in this post), but the set itself was only $27. This is half the reason why I ended up bringing so many suits! They were all cheap and easy to mix and match!

RIU Dunamar Mexico sports bar
Me with my sibling-in-law | Current colors of my cami dress HERE

This was our second night there, but first time I "dressed up" for dinner. You should recognize this dress from this post - I really should have just brought every color I own of this dress as it would have been perfect (but with a denim jacket because it got chilly at night.) On this night, we had drinks at the theater bar, had dinner at the Italian restaurant, then finished the night at the sports bar.

Message beach hat photo
Hat: Made by my friend Courtney | Top: Target (option) | Bottoms: Target

This was our second full day there (Friday.) My belly got a little burned on the first day, so I gave it a break by wearing a tankini. I got this top last summer, and it's quite perfect because it's strapless with a sweetheart neckline, and the bit of ruching in the cups gives my barely Bs a little oomph.

One Piece: Cupshe

Am I the only one that has a photo shoot of things they pack while they're packing? No, no one else? Well, I do. And I took this photo at home and am sharing now so you can see my swimsuit for day 5, Sunday. Saturday was the wedding, so there was definitely no pool time, especially since my hair appointment was at 9:30am. Even though I did have time to sit outside if I wanted, the humidity would have killed my hair, so I stayed indoors up until the wedding. Putting on a swimsuit on Sunday after the wedding day was GREAT! I didn't have to worry about tan lines. I didn't have to worry about looking bloated in a bikini! I could just throw on this pretty one-piece and relax!

This one-piece came from Cupshe and while I have ordered one other suit from them before, I haven't actually gotten a chance to wear that suit yet. I loved the side tie and low back and the color! While I was impressed with the quality of this suit compared to the $26 price tag, it arrived smelling like rubber. It was odd. And it also ran just a little bit big. I washed it immediately and that took care of both the smell and the sizing. It fit much better after it was fully washed and dried. I have a short torso which is why I think it ran a little big on me - just something to keep in mind if you're interested in it.

I bought this romper new for the trip, and I loved it immediately! My only complaint was that it was hard to wear a bra with it because every bra I owned was visible somehow. I did bring some pasties with me.... but let's just say when it's humid and your body is fully lotioned since you want to keep yourself moisturized after all the sun and you start sweating? The pasties don't stay on. So... I ended up wearing it braless, which honestly felt great. I'm pretty sure I was braless more often than not on this trip.

wrap dress outfit with neutral sandals
Dress: Express | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Sandals: Sam Edelman

I scored this dress from Express' clearance section for just under $16. Yep. You can't beat that, and hopefully that price is still valid by the time you read this post! This was Monday night, and I finally decided to properly get showered, dressed, and do my hair and makeup! The dress ran true to size for me. It's a jersey material so there is some stretch to it and breathed nicely. The hem runs a little longer in the back than it does in the front, which I wasn't sure if I would like on my petite self, but it didn't bother me at all. Two thumbs up, especially for the price!

Sunnies: Oakley | Swimsuit top: Target | Bottoms: Cupshe

I also shared this photo in the post about the resort, but figured I would share again since it's relevant to what I wore. These are the bottoms that coordinate with the striped top shown with the burgundy colored bottoms in the second image at the beginning of this post. I always tend to mix and match my swimsuit tops and bottoms because it keeps things interesting for me. I wore that strapless JCrew Factory top the first day, and while it was great that it was strapless, it kind of sucked for tan lines when I try to wear anything lower cut. After that first day, I kept trying to wear bikini tops with lower plunging necklines to try and even that color out, but alas, the color never really evened out - hence why you can see the tan line at my chest in the bikini shot above and my dress shot below. Oh the struggles of vacation!

And I know what you're thinking. Here I say I'm not one to share bikini photos on my blog, but here is another one! But! I'm only doing it because the coconut is perfectly placed to hide my problem areas. I told the husband that if I had a coconut to camouflage me every day, I would wear a bikini all the time! Ha! And no, that's totally not meant to fish for compliments. Just know that we only share the highlight reel and notice that there is not a standing shot of me in a bikini without props ever on my blog! (Laying down, I have gravity on my side! Plus I can stretch my arms up over my head which stretches out my belly fat! It's smoke in mirrors, I tell ya!)

Yellow dress outfit with pop of pink
Earrings: Nickel and SuedeNecklace: Kendra Scott | Dress: Express | Sandals: Sam Edelman

Ok, now we have made it to the outfit that started this post! This is what I ended up wearing the last night we were there, Tuesday night. We had one more dinner - our dinner at the Kulinarium. When I put this dress on, the husband kept complimenting me on it. He asked, "Is that a new dress?" to which I replied, "If you're asking if it's new with tags, the answer is yes. But if you're asking if I just bought it, no, it's been hanging in my closet for over a year!" 

These sandals were the only high heels I brought for the trip and they worked perfectly. Even with all the walking around the resort, they were perfectly comfortable and I knew they would go with all the things thanks to its neutral color.

Nickel and Suede Pink Pepper Cord earrings
Earrings: Nickel and Suede | Necklace: Kendra Scott

I tend to buy dresses when I see them on sale because I know I will end up needing them eventually. I didn't have a good reason to wear this dress until now and the color was perfect for Mexico! Since our wedding dresses were bright pink, I had bright pink on my brain and loved the idea of pairing these earrings with the yellow dress. I'm sorry to tease you with the dress as it is no longer available, but hopefully the pink/yellow combo inspires you! I don't wear yellow enough and I always love it when I do wear it!

Toesox full toe luna, pilates open leg rocker on the beach
Tank: Lululemon "Love" tank (similar here) | Terry Shorts: American Eagle | Socks: c/o Toesox

I did bring some workout clothes with me. I ended up working out once while I was there, though I had hoped to do so more! Ah well! Our last morning there, I had a bit of a photoshoot with my Toesox. And it's become my "thing" anyway to take an Open Leg Rocker pic like this whenever I travel. I brought a couple workout tanks and workout shorts. I only had one pair of leggings with me, which is what I wore to travel to and from Cancun. Let's be real. You don't really need pants in Mexico.

47 brand cap, st. louis cardinals
Cap: 47 Brand (current options here) | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Tank: Lululemon "Love" tank (similar here) 

Our transfer to the airport wasn't picking us up until 12:20pm so we still had a couple of hours after breakfast to soak in some relaxation. We sat in the shade by one of the swim up bars and I didn't plan to drink, just lay and listen to the sounds of the ocean. But a server walked by and kept asking me why I was on vacation and not drinking! Ok fine, give me a rose! Geez! I brought two baseball caps, a visor, and my beach hat for this trip, and I ended up wearing all of them. Not really sure how I survived my life before I discovered the wonderful convenience of the baseball cap!

I also brought two pairs of sunglasses - one pair that is darker to wear in the daytime by the pool and then this pair which is better to wear in the shade, if it's overcast, or closer to sunset. I always bring multiple sunnies on trips for function as well as fashion!

Airport travel outfit from cold weather to beach
Cap: 47 Brand (current options here) | Tank: Lululemon "Love" tank (similar here) | Button up: American Eagle (similar) | Leggings: Lululemon (in black) | Sneakers: Nike

And this was basically how I looked on my way to Cancun and then flying home. Leggings, tank, button up tied around the waist, and sneakers. It's difficult to dress when flying from one climate to another. It was -3 degrees when we left St. Louis that Wednesday. The husband asked me if I was bringing a coat. Uh, no. I would opt to freeze during that short walk from the airport parking shuttle to the front door. But it does still get chilly on the plane regardless, hence the closed toe shoes, long pants, and layers.

And that officially sums up our Mexico trip! I'm kind of sad all these posts are over because it's fun to talk about it and think back to all the memories! But, at least now I have everything properly documented so I can relive it all over and over!!

Our next big trip is the first week of April! EUROPE!!!! Totally a different vacation than Cancun, but equally as excited!!!!


  1. This cupshe bathing suit is so so cute. You look fabulous in that yellow dress too. Your Mexico wardrobe was on point.


  2. Such a fun recap of your outfits from the trip! I'm not surprised your husband was complimenting you so much on the yellow dress. It looks gorgeous on you!
    Gina || On the Daily Express