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Recap: Macy's Spring Fashion Event

Welp, the Macy's Spring Fashion Event took place this past Saturday, and it was a whirlwind - a good whirlwind! Definitely out of my comfort zone, but I knew I had to say yes to the opportunity and push myself! No regrets; I'm elated with the turn out and the support, excitement, and encouragement I've received from family and friends. In true blogger style, I had to document every last detail for you, so let's get started!

Outfit details---- Jacket: Calvin Klein (c/o Macy's) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Tee: American Eagle | White skinnies: American EagleHeels: Calvin Klein (c/o Macy's)

Macy's gave me a gift card to use towards an outfit to wear for the event. I spent a couple hours at the store last weekend scouring racks and trying on all the things that caught my eye! If you missed it, you can catch yourself up in this post here. Ultimately, it came down to this maxi dress plus this moto jacket or this floral blazer and these shoes (which I didn't end up showing in last week's post because I thought it would be too much of a spoiler for what I ended up wearing!)

I chose the floral blazer because I felt a moto jacket was a pretty predictable piece and I wanted something a bit more unique. The blazer is so soft and I love that it can pair easily with destroyed jeans or dressed up with an all black outfit. I was THISCLOSE to doing all black, but I wanted to feel more springy, so I chose my white skinnies and a plain grey tee instead. I was very happy with my outfit choice and everyone loved both the blazer and the shoes! I had no idea that my backdrop would look like this so I was tickled that my outfit complemented the background as well!

All photos above except bottom middle are 

The Macy's Special Events Manager that I was working with put together a cheat sheet of all the activities that were happening in store so that I could speak to them as people visited me. It was a jam-packed 2 hours for me and I didn't even have time to walk around and take in all of the goodness, unfortunately, so I'm glad that Duchess of Retail posted the above photos on Instagram!

Starting left to right on the top row, the activities are as follows:
Photo 1: Me! They asked me to pull pieces from the spring collection to place on a rolling rack by me (aka my "closet.") Customers could get shopping inspiration from browsing my "closet" or simply ask me questions. A few people were confused who I was - a couple people asked if I was a model. Thanks, but no! So I got to talk about my blog and explain how I ended up partnering with Macy's for the event. Everyone could also enter to win a Macy's gift card at my station as well.

My spring "closet"

Photos 2 and 8: There were models sprinkled around, also showcasing some spring looks. Funny because if you didn't look closely, you'd assume they were mannequins. They stood in the same outfit for about a half hour or so before they left to switch into another outfit.

Photos 3 and 4: There were mocktails (not pictured) and sweet treats (chocolate and Rice Krispy Treats). I wish I got a closeup photo of the Rice Krispy Treats because they were cubed and looked like stamps! I heard they were delicious, which gives me so much FOMO because I didn't get to try any! 

Photo 5: If you were a Macy's card holder, you could get a free floral bouquet for the first 50 customers! People like free things, especially when they're pretty and smell good!

Photo 6: DIY Morse Code bracelets! This was right by my station, so it was nice for me to point people in that direction. Those with little girls definitely had fun going there and leaving with their own beaded bracelet or ring. Such a fun and unique activity.

Photo 7: Thanks to their VIP sale, the majority of the store was 30% off, and in some cases, 30% off of the sale price, so that was good incentive to shop. On top of that, if you spent $50 or more, you received a personalized mirror compact. They had an artist in store creating these for guests.

Photo 9: Personalized poems! I totally missed this station altogether, but again, I love that there was a little something for everyone. 

Not pictured was the DJ who had a great mix of songs to keep the energy going! There was also a Clinque/Lancome station where you could receive a mini makeover. There was such a fun buzz throughout the floor, I loved being a part of it!

The event was from 1pm to 3pm, but there wasn't a formal presentation so everyone could really come and go as they pleased. There was really no "best" time to come - showing up right at 1pm was no different than showing up at 2:30pm. I will say that my friends and family are super prompt and that first hour was so busy with people popping in and visiting with me! I felt like only a half hour had passed when I finally had the opportunity to look at the clock, but it was actually 2:15pm! 

I was very overwhelmed by everyone who showed up to support me! Family, friends, co-workers, my fellow Pilates instructors, people I met specifically because of blogging. I really felt loved. I was talking to one of my friends telling her how thankful I felt with everyone who came and how awesome my friends and family were. She said, "You can't have good friends without BEING a good friend," and that really resonated with me. I do try to be a good friend, to show support however I can, and this just makes me want to be an even better friend and human. I realize it's just a silly blog event, but it did really mean a lot to have everyone there.

There were a handful of littles that showed up with their moms to this event and they seemed to have just as much fun with shopping and all the other activities. That made my heart happy! (And PS, remember the first time you saw my first cousin once removed?! How big is she now?!)

With Jenna

I ran a pre-event giveaway on Facebook and Instagram giving attendees a chance to win an attendance prize by commenting on and/or sharing my post. The prizes ended up being a Clinique make-up bag filled with deluxe samples. 

You had to claim your attendance prize in person, but I also gave away a $50 Macy's gift card. Anyone who stopped by my station could drop their name in the ballot box for an entry and you didn't have to be present to win this prize. I drew the name when the event ended at 3pm, and this is an action shot of me doing that.

I mentioned on Facebook that I have so much anxiety doing events like this, but once I got going, it was a very fun and easy ride. Thanks so much to Macy's for the opportunity and for putting together a fun series of activities that was effortless to promote!

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  1. What a fun day! Wow, they really packed that event with a LOT of activities! I'm glad you had such a great turn out and such great support! I was thinking it's been awhile since I saw your hair straight like that and it looks really gorgeous! Sleek and shiny!
    Gina || On the Daily Express