Monday, July 1, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog 2019

You guys! Admittedly, I'm not on Instagram as much just because that's the way life goes and priorities change. But the one thing that does not change is that I still hoard ALL my Nordstrom Notes for the Anniversary Sale! And when you're not on Instagram, you don't realize until now that the Anniversary Sale is only two weeks away! Insert girlie squeals here! I ran to my mailbox to see if the catalog was waiting for me, but duh. There's this thing called the internet and the Anniversary Sale catalog is online. So here are all my picks! Let's get started!

Topshop Sweater Sale $44.90After sale $68
There are definitely some strong themes in this year's catalog and I feel like the bulk of them are very throwback retro styles. Bold colors paired as monochromatic outfits aren't necessarily my thing, but I don't mind taking bold colors in small doses. I loved this chunky sweater in the bright fuchsia. I would tone it down in dark washed skinnies and cognac boots or neutral booties.

Sam Edelman dress in Rust Floral Sale $118.90, After sale $178

Floral is one print that I will never get tired of, and I liked that this print wasn't super 90's style. The shape and flow of this one are great, though I do worry the length will swallow me. It's worth the try-on though!

Halogen Coat Sale $169.90After sale $259
Topshop Dress Sale $62.90After sale $95

There are so many great statement coats in this year's catalog! Realistically, how many statement coats does one need? But the bright plaid makes me happy would be a fun piece to brighten up winter. I do also love the print of the dress, even though I would not pair it with the plaid coat. It has a high-low hem, so even though it's longer in the back, I'm wondering if it will still be fine on my short self since the proportions are shorter in the front. Again, worth the try, especially for the price.

Veronica Beard Blazer Sale $434.90After sale $650

I am quite obsessed with this blazer even though I am turned off by the price tag. But, who knows? Maybe I won't like anything else in the sale and this blazer will end up being mine? I love the print and texture and cut. I really want to try it on!!

BP Slip dress $38.90After sale $59

Slip dresses are so hard for me because anything super clingy highlights my problem areas, but this one intrigues me because of the print as well as the price tag. Though admittedly, the price makes me feel like it may end up being super cheap quality, BUT! Again it's worth the try. It would be a great base layer - wearing it as a dress plus moto jacket. Knotting a simple black tee over it and wearing it as a skirt. It has a lot of potential! And I love the slit and the simple silhouette.

ASTR Sweater Sale $58.90After sale $89
Topshop Faux Leather Skirt Sale $39.90After sale $60

If you know me, you know this outfit has my name written all over it. The pieces work well together and would be great separately as well. Topshop is so hit and miss with me for their sizes, but if I can get the sizing right, this skirt looks so great! 

BP Cardigan Sale $45.90After sale $69

Last year I got that cashmere wrap kimono style sweater and it was so cozy and wonderful. I feel like this sweater cardigan will serve the same purpose. I also feel like this cardigan will be a popular item because of the price and the print. An easy way to give sass to an otherwise basic outfit!

Lucky Bootie Sale $86.90After sale $129.95

Blondo booties Sale $99.90After sale $149.95

Vince Camuto booties Sale $99.90After sale $149.95

Apparently snakeskin boots/booties are all the rage because there were so many options in this year's catalog. And I gotta say, I am kind of digging it. I think my favorite of this bunch is the Lucky wedge bootie - that's what I currently have my heart set on. The shape, the color, the wedge, the ankle cut out - I love all the details! But all three are worth the try for me. Lucky brand shoes aren't necessarily the most comfy for me, that's the only thing that has me a little apprehensive, but I'm excited to see them in person!

Clare V Bag Sale $199.90After sale $299

There really weren't many bags this year in the catalog that grabbed my attention, but I loved the mix of the bold stripe shoulder strap against the snakeskin print! I only have Clare V clutches, so I'm interested to see how I like the bag in real life. Bags and boots are my favorite Anniversary Sale purchases, so we will see how it goes for me this year!

Here are the key dates:

I don't feel like there was a ton in this year's catalog that I really liked, but that usually means I will end up finding a lot more in store that I love. As with previous years, I will plan to shop early access and post all my try-on footage on Snapchat and IG stories. And I have easily $500++ in Nordstrom Notes and gift cards to spend, so I'm extra excited this year!!!


  1. Yay a new post from you! I enjoy your N Sale posts because I know you are shopping for yourself, which just has a fun "shop along with you" feet. That's such a different intent and vibe than other people covering the sale, who are shopping just to sell clothes to others. So I am excited to see what you end up liking or not once you get your hands on them in real life and glad you decided to post!

  2. I agree there wasn’t much in the catalog! I was hoping to splurge on a new bag but saw nothing.

  3. Absolutely love Nordstrom's sales!

    x B

  4. I love Topshop Faux Leather Skirt. Thanks for sharing.

    Helen | https://couponforless.com