Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chignon Tutorial

I was never really good at doing any updos. But honestly, I never really tried. I've googled videos before for basic techniques to create a chignon, and what I end up doing is pretty effortless. I do this updo on days I don't have time to fully do my hair, but I like it because I still feel put together. It looks way more complicated than the little time it takes me to do it. No hot tools, just hairspray, teasing comb, elastic band, and a handful of bobby pins.

A friend asked me if I had a video of me doing this, so I made this for her. My very first tutorial video.

Here's a finished front and back view.
I'm definitely not super creative when it comes to my hair, but this is definitely one of my favorite ways to put my hair up. I envy all of you who can put your hair up in a simple ponytail and look polished. What is your favorite updo?

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