Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Leather" leggings and skirt

Wait, what? We are springing forward tonight and I'm posting about faux leather? Absolutely! The season is coming to an end, but that also means that things like faux leather goes on sale, so why not take advantage of this while I can? I also ordered a couple pairs of studded shoes, which I will post about tomorrow. I wasn't purposely going for a rock 'n roll theme while I was shopping this week, it just kind of happened. So, what have I ordered?

Faux Leather Leggings
Express Pieced Crackle Pull-on Leggings

I already own these Two by Vince Camuto leggings with a faux leather side panel. I've gotten so much wear out of them this season. But, I've found myself a couple of times now looking for another pair with more of the faux leather material, the side panel was just a tease - I didn't really care if they were all over faux leather, or just the front of them like these are. I was most concerned about the length since I'm so short. My Vince Camuto pair came in petite, which was perfect. I was trying to avoid buying a pair that I'd have to tuck under at the hem. With this inseam being 28.5", I am hoping they will be just right.

If you are on the fence about buying faux leather leggings, this blog post from Confessions of a Product Junkie may push you over the edge. Sarah does an awesome job of providing inspiration, and I also whole-heartedly agree with these two rules she mentions about leggings in general:
  1. Your butt should be at least 80% covered by whatever top you’re wearing.
  2. Your butt cheeks should never be visible through your leggings. This seems like a given, but I felt like I needed to mention it after the Kim Kardashian fiasco. Learn from her mistake. If you’re a woman who has been blessed with a nice round backside then look for thicker leggings and in this case, don’t be afraid to size up as opposed to down. -Sarah from Confessions of a Product Junkie
Faux Leather Skirt
ASTR Faux Leather Skater Skirt | Nordstrom
I decided to go with a skater style skirt because a) it helps create the illusion of an hourglass figure on me by defining my waist and b) I thought a pencil skirt or mini cut paired with the faux leather may make it a bit too sexy for me personally. The skater skirt is more versatile with my lifestyle. These are great examples of how to style this:
Taken from Nany's Klozet

Taken from Nany's Klozet
I could seriously wear all nine looks above in their entirety. Sometimes I know I over-think outfits because the material throws me off, but I love how she styled both skirts as if they were just standard black skirts. She also proves that a faux leather skirt is not limited to colder months. So effortless and inspiring!

What pieces are you looking forward to wear in the spring or sad to put away for the winter?

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