Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pinspiration of the week: Coral, stripes, cobalt bag

See pin here

I have a story about every piece I'm wearing today, but what led me to this pinned image was the cobalt bag, so I shall start there.

I'm honestly not a big handbag person. Don't get me wrong, I cherish, and I mean CHERISH my Chanels, but otherwise, I'm fairly predictable with my alternating Marc by Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade bags. But even though I'm not high maintenance with my bags, I was still a bit hesitant about the Miche bags. One of my friend's girlfriends sells them, so I decided to take a look, and I fell in love with (surprise, surprise) this cobalt demi bag. The combo of cobalt plus black plus gold - I dunno, it just makes me happy. I really like the shape of this bag and it's pretty roomy as well. I was really excited to use it, so I figured I'd build my pinspiration outfit around this. I love the way the cobalt pops with the stripes and the coral!

Speaking of the stripes, I found this skirt through Amber over at Avec Amber - this post right here. I had been looking for the perfect striped pencil skirt that wasn't a super tight body con fit. This exceeds my expectations, especially with the pop of color in the reddish stripe.

As far as the top is concerned, it's actually a tunic length wrap top. I would have never ever thought to tuck a wrap top into a skirt, until I saw Yasi do this in one of her outfit photos in a recent post over at Hello Gorgeous. Genius! This opens up lots of possibilities! Especially since I don't own any other solid colored coral tops besides this one.

Anthropolgie wrap top (option)
Banana Republic skirt
Cara wrap and pyramid (similar) bracelets
Miche "Serenity" demi, worn with gold chains
Sperry Topsider "Harbordale" wedges

I can't talk about an outfit without having a story about my shoes. The husband almost didn't take any close ups of the shoes because he didn't feel like there was anything special about them. And I somewhat agree with that statement. These are pretty basic woven strapped espadrilles. No crazy colors, no stiletto heels, but that's ok! I almost wore my nude patent pumps instead, but felt like it dressed it up too much, and I wanted to be a touch more casual today. I think these espadrilles serve the same purpose as a nude pump - they're really just meant to disappear and not take away from the outfit. What I think is ironic about them though is that they are Sperry Topsider. When you think of Sperry, you always think of the infamous boat shoe. But, I owned these wedges before I had bought either of my traditional Sperrys. Kind of random that it happened that way, eh?

Hope you have a great Sunday and that you find things that inspire you!

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  1. Hi Carylee,
    Yes! Sperry has been throwing some curve balls over the past few years! They are most definitely known for their boat shoes, and now they've ventured off to boat shoes with flair (Kelly green, cute prints, glitter!!!) AND wedges and other flats! I still don't own a traditional pair of Sperry's quite yet, but I might have to look into their other styles.

    More Modern Modesty

    1. I was adamantly against Sperrys. I finally broke down and bought a pair of Angelfish in leopard, and ended up loving them. Never say never, I guess! But yes, these wedges were a pleasant surprise, and a great staple.

  2. I want to just die in your closet room. Is that weird?

  3. Love your outfit - it's an awesome recreation!! You're so gorgeous!

  4. Cute otufit! I think you did a great job with that fashion inspiration :)

    By the way, I've updated my blog with a new post. I'd love for you to swing by :) www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com