Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Style Up

I was recently approached by The Style Up team to see if I'd be interesting in contributing some of my outfit photos to them. I had never heard of the website before, so I decided to do a bit of reconnaissance. 

There are so many fashion and shopping tools out there - Pinterest is obviously a huge one I could not live without. However, how cool would it be if Pinspiration came to you? That's basically what The Style Up does. The account set up process is very quick and easy - simply fill out your basic contact info, then choose the category which best describes your style - I chose "Corporate Creative" for myself. Once you're all set up, click over to the "Inspiration" tab and start rating looks. No, it's not like catty girls rating other girls - think of it more like a "how likely am I to wear this?" rating.

Sounds easy enough, right? But what's the point? The Style Up will then use your preferences to become your personal stylist. You will get an email at the time of day you specify, with an outfit they think you'd like! The email also includes a weather report for the following day, so you're prepared and dressed appropriately. They make sure to include a link to the blogger who owns the look, so you can always find out exact details of the outfit and potentially discover new bloggers!

Just like Pandora how you can dislike a song  playing on your radio station, you can dislike the looks they email to you, too. This will help further pin point your style for future emails. I know what you're thinking - bloggers don't always dress for real life, nor do they always shop with real life salaries. Lucikly, The Style Up asks you your threshold for spending, which I believe is so they send you inspiration you could realistically buy yourself.

There's even an option that allows you to request outfit inspiration for a special event. Simply indicate what type of event you'd like to dress for, along with a few other details, then just keep an eye on your inbox for your recommendation!

I am not getting compensated for this post, I just thought this was a really unique and user friendly tool that provides real value. I look forward to getting my email every evening from The Style Up - it's like a little gift of Pinspiration, except I'm not the one that has to scroll through endless fashion pins - it's all done for me! Definitely worth checking out, and if you do, please let me know!


  1. I hadn't hear about this side before but I think that it has great inspirations option for every budget, inspirations that you can later buy. I've to try this side :)


  2. Replies
    1. Yes - definitely check it out! Hope you find it's useful as well!