Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Show and Tell Tuesday: Lash Extensions

Left: Before | Right: After

When I was in California last week, I got eyelash extensions for the first time ever. I've worn fake lashes in the past before, and while I like them just fine - I was intrigued about how lash extensions would look, feel, and work. One of our friends has a salon and she was running a special -- typically it is $199 for a full set of lash extensions, but I was able to get mine done for $125. Had I brought someone with me, we both could have had them done for $99 each. For this price, and with some extra Christmas money, I thought it was worth the try! The added bonus is that my sister surprised me by taking care of my bill!

My before and after photos
Lash Extensions from Reynalyn Hair and Fashion

These eye photos look a bit scary because you do have to show up without any makeup on, but the before and after photos of the lashes themselves are incredible. If you've never gotten these done before - here's a quick summary of what you can expect.

How much does it cost?
$175-200 for a full set; $75-85 for a fill

How long does it last?
About 4-6 weeks. The lashes will end up falling out on their own.

How long did it take?
About 2 hours for the full set. It should take about an hour for fills. Each lash is applied individually. So, yeah. The good thing is, I simply laid down with my eyes closed for two hours and I know I dozed off in the process.

Can I use mascara on them?
I've read that you can use water based mascara, but the purpose of lash extensions is to allow you to wash and go and *look* like you're wearing makeup, when you're not wearing anything at all. I've only been doing shadow on my top lids, nothing on my top lashes, then liner and a little mascara on my bottom lashes.

How do you remove your makeup?
Very carefully. I've always used makeup removing wipes in the evening and then Clarisonic plus face wash in the shower every morning. For the wipes - I wipe my face as usual, but for my eyes-- I wrap the wipe around my finger and use that finger to remove any shadow on my eyelid, and avoid rubbing my upper lashes at all.

The shower is much of the same. The extensions don't affect the way I use my Clarisonic since I don't use the brush on my eyes anyway, but I'm just careful not to rub my eyes/lashes when trying to remove water out of my eyes. I will say that this has been my biggest adjustment so far.

Is there any other maintenance required?
Outside of just being careful not to rub your eyes, no. They did give me an eyelash brush (it just looks like a dry mascara wand) that I use to brush my lashes every morning so they don't look clumpy.

Photos after lash extensions were applied
Left: without makeup | Right: with makeup

I had to show you some after photos with and without makeup because I feel like they look extra long in the photo without any makeup. Although, now that I've been wearing them for a week and a half, I'm getting used to how my face looks with them on, and they don't look as long anymore. They're really comfortable - I can't feel them at all, which is definitely unlike the traditional fake lash strips which, even on their best day, are still noticeable.

I was skeptical about whether or not I would get them again. My biggest struggle was washing my face in the shower. But the more I look at them (and trust me, I've been taking LOTS of selfies to analyze them), I love them. I like that it's just a subtle change, and although they're an investment, I will end up saving time (and money) not having to apply three different mascaras every morning! And, I'm only applying shadow about 50% of the time now, too, because I don't really feel like my eyes need it.

My brother is getting married in March, and I would definitely like to have them then. Since it's only a couple of months from now, I hate to let these fall out completely then have to start from scratch all over again in just a few weeks.  So, I think I've talked myself into getting them filled at least until my brother gets married. 

Anyone else have lash extensions done before? Did you love them or hate them? Would you do it again?

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  1. Girrrrrrl, those lashes are insane! Gorgeous!
    I'm an admitted eye-rubber, so I would need to be careful, haha.


  2. Thanks for the info! They look very natural and amazing on you. I am always curious about lash extensions. Now you gave me one more reason to try it out =)

  3. My sister used to get them and they look so nice. But I have not tried them yet maybe for a big occasion.


  4. Love this review!! As usual, you are really great at this type of thorough, detailed post and I was intrigued the whole way! The lashes look great on you and I can't even think of any follow up questions because you covered everything! LOL.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  5. Those look gorgeous!!!

  6. Love any post regarding eyelashes! These look amazing!

  7. Looks awesome! I never knew this was a thing you could do!

  8. This was a fun read--I've always been curious about how lash extensions work! I'm afraid to ever try them because it would turn into a very expensive habit for me! Haha, also, extending my eyelashes always creates wonky-ness with my glasses. Kind of a bummer!

    1. Aww that's boo! But I know what you mean! I can "feel" them in certain sunglasses I wear. Luckily my normal glasses don't hit them too bad. Once in awhile but it's not unbearable.

  9. you look perfect sweety! ;)
    happy new yearrrrr! ;)
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  10. WOW! Your eyes look AMAZING! I've always wanted to try fake eyelashes/eyelash extension but I don't think I could handle anything on my eye. My eyes are so sensitive and I constantly rub my eyes.

  11. Great review. I've tried Latisse in the past, but I got too lazy and stopped using it. Your lashes look amazing. I am intrigued.

  12. How cool!! They look beautiful on you! Thanks for providing all of us this info...I've been curious to hear what it's all about. Keep us posted between now and the wedding so we know how they wear long term. This could be an expensive habit for me, lol!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com