Monday, December 29, 2014

Manic Monday: The best of 2014

Where the heck has 2014 gone? The last year has been such a whirlwind - it seems like it has just sped by, but at the same time, so much has happened along the way: Jamaica, I have a God daughter, "the" walk, I met Gina in person and am also becoming great friends with Jennamy nephew was born, I won a blogger award plus all the other St. Louis Fashion Week festivities, and somehow I have managed to keep this little blog afloat for another year. I really enjoyed recapping 2013 for you at the end of last year, and was excited to do the same for 2014. I've tried to pick just one outfit favorite of mine for every month, so here you go!


I'm not sure if this outfit is a favorite, or if it's the shoes that make me love it so much. There's really not much to it, though I will say that 2014 was the year of blazers for me. I really tried to put more effort into buying and wearing blazers, and the color and subtle pattern of this one was perfect with the black and white background.


I've always loved this outfit probably because it has everything included with it that I love - stripes, metallics, color pop. And there's just something about blacked out tights and booties that always make mini skirts my favorite in the winter.

Original Post: "Icy Cool"

OK, so I cheated and picked two for February. But I figured that this second outfit is definitely more of a segue into spring vs the previous outfit that definitely screams winter more. I still adore this outfit - I love that every piece is old but since the combination was new to me, it felt like everything was just purchased and being worn for the first time.

Original Post: "My Beau"

Another awesome combination. This light blue portofino is still one of my favorites to date, and it pairs so beautifully with my Beau bag. This gets me excited for spring all over again!

Original Post: "Remixed to the max"

I'm not going to lie - sometimes I really impress myself! It was genius to pair this more casually styled vest over this top and skirt to make it read like a dress. The accessories make it look dressy, but not in an overdone way. The vest will always be a wardrobe staple of mine!

Original Post: "Manic Monday: This vest"

And speaking of the vest - here it is again, and it proves its versatility with this outfit. I love how utilitarian this outfit is, but then I add in the glitter pumps and bright pink bag to keep it fun and feminine!


And here's example of how new outfit pairings made me feel like each piece was fresh from the store. Blogging and pulling inspiration from others are truly great ways to push the limits with your creativity and shop your own closet in ways you would never think of before. And it's so gratifying especially since there is no money being spent in the process!


Another case of pinspiration here. I would have never put this together in a million years, but I've always loved how this turned out. And I also forgot how much I loved those distressed shorts and suddenly miss them incredibly!

Original Post: "Manic Monday: Tea Party"

OK, so this is technically a second outfit in July, but I couldn't not include it because the dress is perfection. The open back is stunning and I need to wear this again stat!

Original Post: "Things I do in Bed"

Absolutely nothing special here - just a simple pullover top, skinnies, and the chunkiest of wedges. Maybe it's the fact that my hair cooperated that day, but I've not only always favored this outfit, but I've always liked these specific photos and how the depth of field turned out -- I really pop against the background. I was using my tripod and remote to take these photos, too!


Ahhh, once September hits, the scuba leggings come out to play! I'll need to try this outfit again, but with my leopard Sam Edelman booties instead now that it's cooler!


I not only love the way this outfit came out, but I especially love this photo. The husband was actually on his way to a meeting, but I made him take pics of me because I knew it would be too dark by the time the work day was over. I was trying to hurry, but then he saw these steps and asked if I wanted him to take some of me there. I naturally obliged, and I think he captured the outfit very well. I also love even more the way the mirrored version looks that I posted on IG here.

Original Post: "Less is more"

Funny story about this outfit. Grace and Lace shared this outfit on their Facebook page here. Well, later that week, a coworker came up to me. I work in an office of 500 or so people, so while we all may recognize faces, we don't always know each other's names, especially if our departments never interact with one another. Long story short - a  coworker who falls into the "I know your face but not your name" category, said that she follows Grace and Lace on FB, saw my photo and was so excited when she recognized me. That was my "celebrity" moment of the year.

Original Post: "Layers"

I mean, you guys knew I was going to include at least one more vest outfit in this roundup! This outfit formula is certainly one of my favorites right now and I can't wait for more layering opportunities and MORE VESTS.

Original Post: "Sequin skirt remix"

I had to end with sequins. It is the holiday season after all! I love the way this clutch pulls the whole outfit together and that my feet disappear to let the sequin skirt really shine!

That's a wrap! I would love to hear if your favorites made the cut!! I do have a couple more posts to finish out the year, so I hope you'll check back again before the ball drops!

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  1. You had some amazing look in 2014, I wanted to pick favorites but I gave after I couldn't narrow it down to 4 lol. I regret not getting the baby blue portofino.


  2. Wow what a very fash year!!!! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!


  3. You had such a great year of outfits, Carylee. I always find inspirations from your blog and from Manic Mondays. January, April, May, June, October and the last outfit with the sequined floral pencil skirt are by far my favorites you showed us this year!

  4. I seriously love every single outfit you post, so there's no way I can pick a favorite. Especially because my favorite depends on my mood usually. haha! Today I am feeling the plaid outfit from September. Love those leather leggings with the plaid top, I've recreated this look a couple times actually!

  5. Great recap! I have loved getting to know you! Congrats on a wonderful year.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  6. So many awesome looks here, I can hardly pick just one favorite! You always look so well put together!


  7. Aw, yeah! I am loving today with everyone's 2014 recaps! I'm glad I made your personal highlight reel! And yes, some of my favorites definitely made your favorite outfit list. The tea party dress is just SO fabulous and you, and I am a huge fan of the moto jacket, scarf, tee, and jeans. :) Here's to more fun and hopefully more facetime in 2015!
    Gina- On the Daily Express

  8. These are all great looks! I have to say that your April one was a standout for me. Just gorgeous! I may have to re-create it some day. Happy New Year, Carylee! ~Cynthia

  9. Great recap! It's been a great year to follow you and Gina along. Looking forward to more fashionable posts in 2015. I love love your Chanel bag. Which style is it? It's very cute and different. Happy Monday!

    1. The tote is from the "Istanbul" collection. I got it on sale (who knew Chanels went on sale!) at Saks a couple of years ago! I love it, too! It's very unique but still very classic Chanel.

  10. Beautiful looks! Thank you so much for hosting the link up. Happy New Year!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  11. All of these looks are gorgeous but my favorites are February and June! Happy New Year!

    Doused In Pink

  12. You have amazing taste! I like all of your outfits every day! I think my favorite piece of yours is the army green vest because you can dress it up or down!

  13. I love the April and October looks on you. Cute post, I love seeing bloggers recaps of the year. Rachel xo

  14. I love all the outfits!! Especially love how you transition so well through the seasons!! I absolutely enjoyed all your posts...

  15. Great looks!! February in my fav :) -xx



  16. March, May, and December are my all time favorite. You had some amazing look for this year. Looking forward to next years!

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  17. All of these looks are beautiful! You have such a great sense of style, and you put together pieces I wouldn't normally think of! It was so nice to meet you too :)

  18. Oh man, I can't pick a favorite. I was scrolling through like 'that's my favorite, no, that one!' I love them alll, you have fabulous style.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  19. They are all great looks! I love your style!

  20. Great recap, Carylee! I've gotten some great ideas from following your blog this year, and can't wait to see 2015 looks. =)


    I hope you have a great week!


  21. A nice retrospective for your regular readers, too -- fun post! :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life + Style

  22. Girl you are too stylish for your own good! I must have missed that October look... Obsessed!!!!! Have a great last few days of the new year doll!

  23. My favorite was with the pink gingham shirt - but overall you really killed it this year Carylee! Great job - I love all your pairings - so wearable with a pop of something that makes it look extra special <3

    MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥