Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pulse: Leopard tunic and stripe top

Hey guys! I'm bringing you this special weekend post to provide you shopping inspiration for Pulse's online flash sale, which happens every Sunday night. If you don't remember - I first introduced you to Pulse hereLots to choose from this week, but my two top picks are my two favorite things - stripes and leopard. Let's start with the leopard!

Leopard tank tunic: Only $29
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I mean, you know I love anything leopard, although, I think technically this print may be "ocelot" which is the same print as my Tory Burch cross body. This is an easy tunic to throw on with boots and leggings in the colder months, I think that goes without saying. But don't forget that you can also throw on a skirt over it for warmer months. I do this a lot with my tunics and have found that as long as it's a fuller skirt, you can't see the lines of the tunic underneath it, and it's not any bulkier than simply tucking a normal top into your skirt. I'm showing a skater skirt below, but a maxi skirt would work great!

Leopard tunic pairings

I'm pretty sure I said, "ooh" out loud when I saw this top. Yeah, yeah, I know you're thinking it's just another stripe top - but not all stripe tops are created equally. I think it depends on the color of the stripes, the thickness of the stripes, and the shape of the overall top. I find this combination of a predominantly white background with the thinner stripes is the most versatile. Similar to my favorite tee shirt seen here and here.

Stripe top, available in white (pictured) and navy: Only $38
Preorder yours at Pulse STL via Facebook or Instagram

This one is a little more playful with the flouncy hem - which would look awesome layered under a sweater and finished off with a statement necklace (my foolproof winter outfit formula.) When I was pulling together outfit pairings for this top, I was literally picking stuff currently in my closet, which probably just means that this top would fit right in! Stripes like these are such a neutral background, that I wouldn't be afraid to pattern mix this - even twice in the same outfit.

striped top pairings

For more details on how to shop Pulse STL's social media flash sales - click here. Please be sure to like them on Facebook here and follow them on Instagram here so you don't miss out on any perfect pieces! Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post. All views expressed are my own.


  1. I love that you got all technical with the ocelot! You are so right about stripes not being created equally. I know we've had this conversation before but I had to learn that lesson the hard way in real life. Love seeing the outfit sets you put together as always.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Oh I love both pieces and the outfits you created around them are adorable. And I absolutely concur, not all stripes are created equally (or leopard/ocelot for that matter...)

    xoxo jenna @ Sincerely Jenna Marie

  3. Love that tunic at the top! And I giggled a little when you said ocelot! So true!