Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Greyed out

After I read Gina's post on Friday and how she was inspired to wear one of her outfits thanks to Rachelle, it sparked an idea that I wanted to wear my new grey portofino with all things grey. Except for my shoes of course. Although my silver metallic pumps would have looked great with this outfit also! I just wanted to take this Vince Camuto pair out for their maiden voyage.

Sunnies: Tom Ford | Necklace: Banana Republic | Bag: Chanel (optionbudget option) | Top: Express (in Sterling Silver) | Bracelet: Natasha Couture (option) | Bottoms: Express (option, option) | Shoes: Vince Camuto (also available here)

I've truly never considered myself a handbag person before. Shoe addict, yes. Handbags I love, but I never felt like I was a hard core fanatic. But last week, I was talking to Jenna, and she said she was telling one of her coworkers about me. She described me as more of a "shoe and handbag girl." As I was picking outfits for this week and looking at my closet full of predominantly Express pieces, I realized that she was pretty correct. 

I do have some special clothing pieces here and there, but lately I've been stocking my closet with a bunch of basics and it's my shoes and bags that make the outfits a little more special. I definitely have not always been that way. I would wear the same pair of shoes and bag with EVERYthing. It was all about as many clothes that I could buy!

I know fashion tastes fluctuate like the seasons, but I just found that observation pretty interesting! How do your friends describe your style or shopping habits?


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  1. Love the pop of color with your heels!
    Carrie and Stacy

  2. you have the best shoes and bags, I also love this porto. I wore it with black skinnies recently :)


  3. love the outfit! beautiful!


  4. Ooo, loving the grey on grey!! Love the shoes...perfect pop of color and shine! Funny how style and "wants" change...I always envy you for being willing to change out your bag daily....in that regard, I'm definitely not a bag person :-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

    1. Aww- thanks! I just realized one day that I had all these great bags but never really got to use them because I always had my big work bag and hated carrying too many other bulky things! Once I downsized to a simple laptop case, I was able to change up my bags regularly. And since I do it so regularly, I don't really have time to accumulate the junk and clutter that make switching bags time consuming! I basically have all my stuff in 2 pouches, so I'm usually just having to transfer two pouches and my sunglasses from bag to bag, which takes no time!

      But I totally feel you- it seems like a daunting task! But it's the only way I can spread the love to all my bags!! Because you know, NOT buying new bags would be too hard. :)

  5. I love the bright pop of color with your heels! So cute! You seriously do have the cutest shoes ever! I've been trying to grow my collection of heels lately but I don't think I will ever catch up to you! haha

  6. You look amazing my dear! I must have those Vince shoes, going to do some shopping now! lol
    Have a terrific Tuesday! xo


  7. Lovin' the grey on grey, but with the pop of colors from your shoes!

    be the plebeian

  8. Very 50 Shades, girl! Lol! I love this!! Perfect pop of color! XO

  9. I love those heels! They look awesome with the grey blouse and necklace.


  10. Does mainly a shoe and handbag girl just mean that's predominantly where you spend your $$? Versus buying all designer clothes? (Or more designer clothes I guess?) Interesting observation and I guess I can see that from the $$ POV but your wardrobe is so robust it's also hard to put you in that shoe/handbag category! Anyway, I am over-analyzing this. The greys in your outfit are sooo pretty today and I'm glad you went with those shoes vs. the metallic. I agree that silver would work too but these are just more springy and a fun touch.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  11. I'm exactly the same way - shoes all day. Handbags...not so much? I'm just not drawn to them for some reason.

    LOVE LOVE all the grey in this look - so beautiful!

    Valery Brennan