Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kendra Scott open house

I was sooo excited to find this skirt! I feel like I've been looking for a blush colored, pleated skirt like this for a long time, but they all seem to be more midi length, which isn't flattering on me. This ends up falling perfectly on me, and I love that the pleats don't start right at the waist. It's a perfect fit! I decided instantly that it would go with me to NYC!

You've been seeing a lot of Kendra Scott stuff on the blog lately, and I figured it was about time for me to properly post about it. Unless you don't have Instagram or you never read blogs, you've probably seen Kendra Scott pieces even if you didn't realize it. The signature and most recognizable pieces are the Rayne necklace and the Danielle earrings. These pieces have saturated social media to the point where I was just meh about them. They didn't bother me, but I didn't seek them out either.

A new Kendra Scott store is opening at Plaza Frontenac here in St. Louis, so to build awareness, a local Community Relations and Event Manager reached out to me to see if she could meet with me to discuss blogger opportunities. Needless to say, Kendra Scott is the biggest brand that has ever reached out to me, so I was definitely interested to hear what they had to say, and figured that for a company with this much clout, I should come prepared. I checked out all their other jewelry offerings on their website and was surprised to see more edgy pieces than their signature stuff. I even put together a social media kit thinking I was really going to have to sell myself to them and how I could provide value to their brand.

The meeting was amazing, and to be honest, I felt like she was trying to sell Kendra Scott to ME verses the other way around. She explained that although they're sold at big box retailers like Nordstrom, they had less than 20 of their own brick and mortar stores around the country. And while the number of stores will over double this year, there will still be less than 50 by next year. Small company but big success.

I feel like a lot of their success is thanks to how much they give back to the community, which is another thing I didn't know about the brand. Twenty percent of the proceeds made from these charms go towards various causes. They are also happy to host any charitable event whether on an individual or a national level. Part of the reason why I work at the current company I'm with is because they have these same cultural values on top of the good products they sell. So, it's great to be able to partner with another role model of a concept in my blog life as well.

At the end of the day, I found out that Kendra Scott has so much more to offer than colorful jewelry! And I'm not just talking about their edgier or more delicate pieces, I'm really referring to what they stand for as a brand. I was certainly enamored by their story. The jewelry they offer is really just a means to get their positive message out there!

Sunnies: Ray Ban | Necklace: Kendra Scott (c/o) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Top: Express | Bracelets: Kendra Scott (c/o), Nadri (exact, option) | Watch: Fossil (option) | Rings: Kendra Scott (midi rings, open ring) | Skirt: JCrew Factory | Flats: Halogen

After Jenna and I made our last minute plans to spend the weekend in NYC, I emailed our local brand rep to see if there were any Kendra Scott events we could attend while we were there. As I was sitting on the plane waiting to take off for NYC, I got an email back that there was an open house that very day to debut their winter collection called Mirror Mirror. We were so excited that the timing worked out!

I wish I could share photos from the designer showroom with you, but the collection will not be released until mid-October and they asked that we not post any photos on our blogs or Instagram accounts until after October 1st. You'll just have to believe me when I say there are a LOT of things I am going to need. 

We snapped a ton of photos and mingled with the Kendra Scott girls, who were just so much fun. I'm pretty sure I want to be a Kendra Scott employee when I grow up. They act like such a close knit family and were extremely welcoming - I definitely felt at home.

I have to end the post with a disclaimer that while Kendra Scott has gifted me several pieces, it was made clear to me that I had zero obligation to even post about them. All of my opinions expressed in this post are my own and are sincere. If you don't know much about the Kendra Scott brand, I highly recommend reading up on them and seeing all that they have to offer! You won't be disappointed!



  1. I cannot wait to see the new collection! I adore this outfit, this is pretty much my uniform.


  2. I have no doubt the new collection will be amazing, and I had the same feelings about the KS staff that I have met! They are all so sweet and fun. Hooray for finding the pink pleated skirt you wanted!
    Gina | On the Daily Express

  3. I love that skirt! I am still loving those flats too even though I haven't worn mine yet!

  4. I think this may be my favorite of your NY outfits (but I loved them allll) - the pleated skirt with the more casual stripes is just perfect, and those shoes. I missed out! So when do we leave for this weekend?! ;)

    xoxo jenna @ sincerely jenna marie

  5. This skirt looks amazing on you! I love this style on others but it's not friendly on my hips.


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