Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What to buy for me

2015 holiday list

Yes, you read the title right. I've put together a wishlist so that all of you can shop for me! Ok, not really. But this is the time of year when everyone is asking for a list, and not only do I have to come up with what I want, I have to tailor them for different audiences so I don't end up with the same thing. (Seriously, one year, we ended up with THREE Keurigs!) As I was putting together the list for my the husband's family, I realized there are some tried and true products that I could ALWAYS use, and it really wouldn't matter if I ended up with duplicates. So, I'm sharing this list with you in hopes that it inspires some of your holiday shopping! And, if you *really* want to buy me stuff, I'll let you. :)

Not Your Mother's hair products: I have been buying Not Your Mother's stuff for a couple years now, and I have yet to find a product that I haven't bought over again. And since I don't plan on shaving my head any time soon, any of these products will get use from me!

Trinket trays: I always end up leaving things around - like taking off my earrings in the living room, or by the bed, or taking off my rings before I do the dishes. I love leaving trinket trays around the house so I have a dedicated place to set my stuff! And hopefully it helps eliminate the random bobby pins scattered throughout the house!

Pajamas: New pajamas are just as sweet as putting on a new pair of socks. And lately, I've been addicted to the jogger/legging style with an oversized sweatshirt.

Message Tees: If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have a TON of message tees. I don't know why. I like things that are clever, and I could always use a tee to throw on for layering purposes, or even just for lounging.

Coffee table books: I have a couple of fashion related coffee table books in my closet room, and I wouldn't mind more. They make for nice centerpieces and they're happy to look at anyway!

6 Kate Spade accessories (here and here): Yes, my obsession for Kate Spade stuff is real. Her iPhone cases have the best fit though - and they're nice and streamlined and don't make my phone terribly bulky. When I got my latest phone, I reallllllly tried to NOT buy another Kate Spade case, but one of them ended up being way thick, and the second one broke, so alas, I went back to my old faithful. I should have never strayed.

7 Nail polish (Seche Vite top coatOrly): Seche Vite has seriously changed my life! I am still amazed how quickly it dries. I remember doing my nails in the evening, and without fail, I would wake up with indentions in my nails from where I slept on my hands. Not anymore. I can seriously paint my nails right before I leave the house and they're dry before I even get into my car in the garage. It's magic. And I've been on an Orly kick lately - I mean, how amazing is this color?

A soft throw: I am always under a blanket when I'm at home, year round. The husband likes it pretty chilly in the house. The thermostat reads 65 degrees as I type this. Throws and blankets are a necessity, and I could never ever have enough!

Philosophy Amazing Grace: This is one of my most favorite scents. I've told you before that I always stock up on the big bottle of shower gel during the Nordstrom Anniversary sales. Likewise, I will always add this to my gift lists. I just don't tire of this scent!

10 Lip color: I'm definitely not married to any certain lip color, and it's the one piece of makeup that I'm always willing to try something new. In fact, I would be happy if Ipsy only sent me new lip color in my glam bags. I still have never owned a tube of actual MAC lipstick though, and I want some!

That's all I have for you! What are the things that are always on *your* lists year after year?

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  1. Ahh! I can't believe you've never tried a MAC lipstick! Have you tried lip glass? I believe you really like a Laura Mercier lipstick but now I'm curious what other brands are your go-to lip products. This was a fun read. :)
    Gina || On the Daily Express