Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shopping at Here Today

If you remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Here Today reached out to me for a potential collaboration. They provide me with a $50 gift card to shop in exchange for my post about the shopping experience! I was pretty excited for the opportunity considering all of the goodies I discovered during my first visit! I should note that while I was provided with a gift card to shop and post about my experience, all views expressed are my own!

I would say that Here Today reminds me a lot of Marshall's and TJ Maxx, but with a few bonuses. The first bonus is that it is extremely organized. The one thing that turns me off about shopping at most other discount stores is all of the digging. Shopping should not be stressful and the chaos and clutter can make me a little crazy! But I think it's great that each section of the store has its own theme that is clearly signed.

Yes, this camo tank came home with me.

The second bonus is that there are plenty of things in stock! At other discount stores, I usually have to mentally prepare to shop. There is no need for that at Here TodayYou don't have to worry about seeing something super cute that's not in your size and having to search through one thousand different things to try and find another one like it, much less one that's actually in your size!

The brands were recognizable - I've spotted some Michael Kors, Steve Madden, Rampage - I even caught some pieces from the Target/ Neiman Marcus collection! And speaking of Target - there were quite a few Target branded items I noticed in the grocery section as well. How are they able to offer all of these at discounted prices? Their website sums it up quite perfectly:

We take advantage of unique buying opportunities and tap into sourcing channels our team has cultivated over decades. The result: we’re able to buy merchandise at great prices and pass those savings onto you. It also means, though, that our selection of merchandise is ever-changing. Our deals are so good, they won’t last long. Hence the name: Here Today… Find something you love? Grab it because it may be gone tomorrow!

See outfit details in this post

I am kind of upset that I didn't know about Here Today while I was putting together my closet room! It was hard for me to find velvet hangers that were all the same color - and not just the same color, but the same SHADE. I was able to find some hanger packs at Marshall's, but they only stocked 3-4 packages at a time. So, I would buy out their stock, wait a few weeks then come back to buy more. Look at all these hangers! I could have saved so much money and a lot of gas! Sigh.

OPI and Essie polish for about half off retail price

And the last bonus about shopping at Here Today is that they have groceries, too! Frozen foods, wine, toiletries, among other things. It's a great one stop shop. Funny enough, we ended up getting some soap and kitchen stuff during this trip, just because of the convenience!

Naturally, I found the Cardinals stuff. Can you blame me? I found a tank I wore for our home opener for about $7. You really cannot beat that.

While I wasn't able to find another leather jacket on crazy sale this trip, I'm not surprised! It lives up to their name "Here Today." I'm glad I didn't hesitate getting that jacket then because clearly, it really could have been gone tomorrow. I will be back shopping with them over the summer, and I know it will be another different experience! Keep a look out on Instagram for how I plan to style my new camo tank!

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  1. Love to visit Here Today! Looks like great place!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. What a cute store- love how organized + bright it is. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge