Thursday, October 6, 2016

The perfect jeans

J.Crew Ruffle sleeve stripe tee, American Eagle jegging, Valentino Rockstud, Metal Bib Necklace
Sunnies: TOMS | Necklaces: JCrew Factory (option) layered over Purple Peridot (option) | Bag: RL Ralph Lauren | Top: JCrew | Bottoms: American Eagle | Shoes: Valentino

If you've been a long-time reader of my blog, you know that I'm a huge fan of American Eagle jeans. Express and American Eagle jeans have been my go to for years now. I've tried designer denim, but I always go back to my two old faithfuls. Last week American Eagle had a buy one get one 50% off sale on their denim, so I stocked up on 4 pairs. The sale was timely because the bulk of my jeans are a bit big on me now (read more about why here.)

J.Crew Ruffle sleeve stripe tee, American Eagle jegging, Valentino Rockstud, Metal Bib Necklace

A couple of weeks ago, some co-workers and I were at the mall food court eating lunch. The husband (who also works with me) had to run into the Apple store, and I mentioned wanting to run into American Eagle. One of my co-workers looked at me and said, "American Eagle? Are you 16?!" I can't help it though! Their jeans just fit me so well, it would be a shame to not shop there just because of the perceived age of their shoppers. I do admit that some of their stuff can seem a bit high-school young, but as far as basics (jeans, solid tees, sweaters, shorts), you can definitely find things that are more universal in age.

J.Crew Ruffle sleeve stripe tee

American Eagle jegging, Valentino Rockstud

Their jeggings are my favorite style. I love that they stay perfectly fitted through the ankle (perfect for booties) and that I can shop by length. They don't normally have a ton of "short" options in their brick and mortar stores, so I do the bulk of my shopping for jeans on their website. 

Valentino Rockstud

J.Crew Ruffle sleeve stripe tee, American Eagle jegging, Valentino Rockstud, Metal Bib Necklace

I'd been wanting a replacement pair of destroyed black skinnies and these are perfect! I love that they have a slightly faded wash and the slashed knees are just the right amount of distressing! I thought they paired perfectly with this sweet, almost nautical feeling top. The destroyed denim grounds the look a bit, and I wore navy heels with a rich burgundy bag to make this outfit feel a touch more fall than summer.

Regardless of my age, I think I will be buying my jeans at American Eagle for as long as they'll keep selling them to me!

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  1. Boo on your co-worker for being ageist and judging where you shop! Glad you ignored that nonsense since AE jeans do fit you amazingly well. This new pair looks fantastic, and paired with Rockstuds you certainly don't look like a high schooler!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. Lol, WHO CARES where you get your jeans/clothes, as long as you look + feel good in 'em!? This is probably what people think when I tell them something I'm wearing is from Forever21, haha.

    Love the outfit, lady- those ruffled stripes are super cute!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. people can be so judgy, who cares? They look amazing on you. Super cute outfit.


  4. I'm obsessed with AE jeans too! They are all I wear! I have a ton of designer denim sitting inn my basement but prefer the AE. For the price, they're amazing!

  5. Indeed the perfect Jean :) Looking cool