Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Matching hairstyles to earrings

Over the weekend, I was wanting to put together a post full of my different hairstyles and earring combinations. It's not rocket science, but there is definitely intention behind what hairstyle I choose for the outfit and then what earrings I choose to complement my do! I thought it would be helpful to explain the method behind my madness! So, no, you're not seeing things! I'm actually posting on a Tuesday, just because I felt like it! 

If you missed my hair series last year, I shared a handful of tutorials for my basic day-to-day hairstyles. The dirtiness of my hair is definitely the first factor in deciding how I want to style my hair for the day. The next factor, naturally, is my outfit. I'll talk through these points with each of the outfits below.

long hair half up half down with curls and dainty drop earrings
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Statement dress + romantic hair = delicate earrings

The outfit: White lace dress 

The hairstyle I chose: This dress is extra romantic. There's really no other way to describe it. Third day hair is THE BEST for holding curls, and I knew I wanted long curls to complement the dress.

The earrings: Normally, if my hair is down (or partially down), I like to go big or go home with my earrings just because earrings get lost in all my hair. But in this case, I wanted the dress to be the focal point and I kept the jewelry dainty and understated. These simple drop earrings are enough to provide just a bit of bling without competing at all with the dress.

mini top knot on long hair with statement earrings
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Trendy outfit + trendy mini knot = bold earrings

The outfit: Cold shoulder tunic and ripped skinnies

The hairstyle I chose: I'm pretty sure this was 4th or 5th day hair and at that point, it's best to keep the hair out of my face! I didn't want to go all the way up with my hair though, so the mini top knot was the perfect compromise. Cold shoulders are trendy. Ripped skinnies are trendy. Mini top knots - definitely trendy. 

The earrings: I went with a simply pendant necklace for this top since the cold shoulder and lace sleeve detail are statements in and of themselves so the top really did not *need* a necklace. I definitely lean towards bigger and bolder earrings the simpler my necklace is.

long wavy hair with jewel tone earrings
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Floral top + easy wavy hair= matchy earrings

The outfit: Floral cross-strap tunic

The hairstyle I chose: The day after I curl my hair, I usually wake up with beachy waves. It's nice because my hair is naturally straight, so I always love having just a slight wave! I end up just adding some dry shampoo and teasing the crown to freshen it up! SO EASY. Even though it was all down this day, I purposely kept my hair sideswept over one shoulder to help showcase not only the criss-cross straps of the top, but of course my earrings.

The earrings: I played up the red floral in my top by choosing these beautiful jewel tone earrings. They pop so well against my long dark hair - I love that they still read well from a distance.

low chignon with statement earrings
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Dramatic neckline + formal updo = big earrings

The outfit: Asymmetric cold shoulder top and jeans

The hairstyle I chose: The necklace and the shoulder detail are way way way too good to hide behind my hair. And it was exceptionally windy this day, too, so the low, offset chignon was an easy choice. There's something formal about a low chignon - having a high top-knot would have definitely given this look a more sassy, and less romantic feel. I felt like being romantic this day.

The earrings: Nothing says "romantic" like these amazing filigree earrings! They are probably the biggest pair of earrings I own, and I tend to reach for them when I do a cold shoulder with no necklace like this.

Long fishtail braid with leather earrings
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Casual outfit + chunky braid = handcrafted earrings

The outfit: Camo tee, denim jacket, and black skinnies

The hairstyle I chose: I had to go with a fishtail this day because my hair was extra dirty, but again, I didn't want to go for a top knot. I love the drama of a chunky fishtail. It makes a statement and also makes me feel like I tried a lot harder than I did.

The earrings: Because these earrings are leather and handmade, they make me feel a bit Pocahontas-ish, as silly as it sounds. Braids also make me feel like Pocahontas, so naturally, I had to wear the earrings with the braid! The braid definitely lets the earrings steal the show. 

long straight hair with large leather earrings
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Effortless sundress + sleek hair = weightless earrings

The outfit: Cami sundress

The hairstyle I chose: Even though my hair is naturally straight, I feel like I wear it the least like this on the blog - straight and down. I like big hair, what can I say? I prefer my hair curled, but there are definitely some times when having it sleek and straight feel most appropriate. This dress is so simple and easy, bringing my hair back to it's simple, straight state made the most sense.

The earrings: I loooooove these earrings when my hair is down. Ok, I just love these earrings regardless, but they pop so well when my hair is left down. They add such a fun finishing touch to my outfit. They're light and airy just like this dress!


I didn't showcase any studs in this post, but not because I don't wear them. They just get lost in all my hair and don't photograph all too well for the purposes of blog photos. While I don't wear them too often, I do wear them when my hair is all up and I want just a hint of bling - maybe when I'm traveling, when I'm teaching Pilates, sometimes I will leave them on when I myself am doing Pilates during my mid-workday class. This druzy pair is my favorite and always gets compliments. They may be teeny, but they get noticed!

Clockwise from top middle: 1- Gold leather loops | 2- Red drop | 3- Gold filigree | 4- Leather tassel | 5- Simple studs | 6- Druzy studs | 7- Simple drop | 8- Gold filigree (budget option here) | 9- Leather gunmetal

And I couldn't finish off this post without linking to some earring that you may need. I went through many, many years not bothering to wear earrings, but they really do brighten up your look with little to no effort! Anything that adds interested with not much thought is a good thing to me!

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  1. loved seeing how you choose your hairstyles for every outfit! i need to work on switching up my hairstyles more!

    cute & little

  2. you do such a great job, I wish I could wear all the earrings I wanted. The big KS ones are gorgeous.


  3. I loved reading your behind-the-scenes thoughts on which earrings you chose! I don't have nearly as many hairstyles as you so I really only have to factor in my outfit/neckline when choosing earrings. It's interesting to hear how much goes into your decisions!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. I always admire your hair and jewelry choices so I loved reading why you choose certain ones at times! Thanks for sharing!

  5. All the hairstyles are nice. I like to wear studs. I know you didn't wear it often and you didn't showcase any pics. Could you please share the pics whenever possible in your next post? I wanted to see the hairstyle so that I can figure out mine. Thanks in advanced.