Monday, June 11, 2018

It's not goodbye!

Jenna and I started this linkup on July 27, 2015 - almost 3 years ago! You can look back at that original post here. But before Hello Monday came along, there was Manic Monday that I co-hosted with Gina! It was a spin-off of a Holiday Style linkup we hosted at the end of 2013! You can see the last post in that series where we officially announced Manic Monday here

I remember having so much anxiety about starting a new linkup. Similar to when you're throwing a big party and you have no idea if anyone will show up, but you so want people to attend and have fun in the process. The husband would ask me several times throughout the day how many people we had linked up because he knew I was stalking the stats religiously. And I would take the time to read and comment on EVERY person who linked up with us. That's dedication and a huge time commitment, but I was hyper-focused on growing the linkup, growing the blog, and making sure people felt that the linkup was providing value enough for them to join.

Our efforts paid off because while we only had 43 people linkup with us that very first week, it grew to 135 participants our very last week, 80 weeks later! Much like I'm feeling now, Gina decided to move on from hosting the Monday link-up to help focus back on real life and re-prioritize things a bit. That is when Jenna and I teamed up to form what you now know as Hello Monday.

I am so thankful for the linkup! Outside of the obvious traffic generator, you all consistently leave the sweetest comments week after week, and although I am no longer able to visit everyone's blogs like I had done in the early days, I appreciate you sticking with the linkup, mingling with the other bloggers, and supporting us nonetheless. We ended up hitting 216 participants in this post here, which was our most engaged linkup to date.

This weekend we had dinner with friends Friday evening, we had the Camaro Club car show 6am to 3pm on Saturday and then celebrated a friend's birthday with dinner and cocktails from 7pm to midnight. I spent the bulk of Sunday at the office catching up on work. Weekends like that seem to be more common than not nowadays, and since all my blogging is done on the weekends, well, you do the math. I just don't have the time I used to, especially now that I'm teaching Pilates. Forget about trying to blog during the week nights! I'm lucky if I can find downtime to work out.

We all have busy schedules, I get it. What I am saying is not new to any of you. But the short story is that I eluded to changes in last week's post. I'm not ready to call it quits with blogging altogether. The thought of closing up shop doesn't settle well in my heart. However, I definitely want to run with a less structured schedule. I want to blog because I *want* to and not because I *have* to, and unfortunately, hosting the linkup for all of you every Monday made me feel obligated to post, even if my heart really had no desire to share anything or if my schedule left me zero time to put quality content together.

Today will be the last Hello Monday linkup, and I am equal parts sad but relieved. It's bitter sweet really because I owe so much to those Monday posts and to all of you reading this. Though the linkup is coming to an end, this is definitely not goodbye! 

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Thanks for making Hello Monday 143 weeks old!!!


  1. Sad to see the end of the linkup but I get it. Life gets busy and blogging will always be the thing that you can drop - as if we don't blog for a few days it doesn't make a lot of difference, you can post again when you feel like it. Not so with eating, catching up with friends, and work, ha!

    Hope that things calm down for you again soon and you get some more downtime back!

    Thank you for the link up, and all the weeks you've ran it!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. It is definitely such a commitment to hosting linky parties. I used to in the past and it was such a relief to give them up. Enjoy your weekends!

  3. You have to do what is best for you and I'm happy you are putting less pressure on yourself.


  4. I am so sad about you ending the linkup Carylee but I completely understand. It's so important to give yourself the space you need to feel less pressure. Thanks for all your sharing of your time. Your fashion sense is incredible and good luck with the future! I will continue to follow you!


  5. Thanks for hosting such a fun link up for so long and I wish you well

  6. Well this post was such a fun look back at your past outfits and full of happy memories for me. It really is bittersweet to leg go of something like this, but I'm SO SO glad you are not letting go of blogging entirely!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  7. I totally understand and will miss your link up! I too am going through the same process and shut down my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to cut down on time suck. I am considering quitting my link up that is not quite a year old. I love blogging for the artistic and creative outlet it provides and want to enjoy that. I'm not trying to make money, just have fun. Thanks for sharing and for all the link ups!

  8. I'm sad that you won't be hosting the link up anymore, but I completely understand. Because of my busy schedule, and other business, I had to cut back blogging to one day a week, and sometimes that can feel like a challenge. Enjoy the less hectic blogging schedule, and I will be checking in!

  9. Your link up will be missed but all good things must come to an end! I hate not being able to visit and comment on each link that joins my parties as well. That task simply as fallen so far down the priority list so I completely understand where you stand on this. I wish so much luck and all the joy you will find in reprioritizing! Thank you for hosting for all this time!


  10. I'm sad this is the last Hello Monday linkup, but I understand you need to spend some more time on other aspects of your life. All the best!

    xo Jules

  11. Whew, I’m so happy you aren’t quitting your blog altogether! I would be so bummed not to see you here every week. I know you have other priorities, and I totally understand! I’ve been blogging for so many years that it’s become increasingly hard to keep up with a strict set schedule. I’d rather post when I want to and not when I have to. I’m glad you feel the same! I’m sad this is your last hello Monday but as long as you still enjoy blogging, I’ll come back to read :)