Thursday, November 29, 2018

Random roundup

Man, it's been awhile since I've done one of these!!! Even though I took a break from blogging, I still took an outfit selfie every. Single. Morning. Some habits are hard to break! And I don't know. It's still nice to be able to look back at outfits. I will confess that sometimes, I will look back at my outfits to figure out my cycle! So if not for anything else, at least it's helpful for that purpose! Anyway, I promised I would try and incorporate those outfits back into the blog so here I am!

Cap: Abercrombie & Fitch (c/o) (current options here) | Top: CS Gems (c/o) (Use code CARYLEE15 for 15% off!) | Leggings: Zella | Sneakers: Nike

This was my Black Friday shopping outfit. Jenna and I were meeting at 6:30am, and I literally, rolled out of bed wearing the previous night's makeup, threw on my contacts, a hat, some lip gloss, and this outfit, and ran out the door. I brushed my teeth, too, don't you worry. CS Gems gifted me this sweater, and I love it! Thanks to my shortness, it's long enough to cover my bits with leggings. I was going to throw a vest over it so I would have a pocket for my phone while we shopped and then I discovered the sweater has its own pockets! SCORE! I hate bringing in outerwear while I'm shopping because I know I will be hot and I will end up just lugging my jacket or vest around with me. So I was quite pleased that it had pockets! It runs true to size. I'm wearing a small.

Sweater: Grace and Lace | Leggings: Spanx | Booties: Vince Camuto

I already have this sweater in a lighter knit in a very pretty cranberry color - you can see that one here. I absolutely love pieces that can be worn different ways, and I thought a thicker version of it in grey would be perfect in the cooler months. It is so so cozy worn as a cardigan and looking at this outfit makes me want to wear it like a cardigan tomorrow!! Since it is so voluminous, I paired it with my Spanx leggings because they have the sleekest silhouette. Such an easy cold-weather combo!

Sweater: Calson | Bottoms: American Eagle | Boots: Vince Camuto

Everything in this outfit is old. And by old I mean no longer available. The sweater is a Nordstrom anniversary sale purchase that I was finally able to wear, and excited TO wear! I really love pink and grey together and the tone on tone grey with the boots and my pants made me happy.

Sweater: Grace and Lace | Dress: Leith (current colors here) | Fleece tights: Target | Booties: Sam Edelman

Speaking of Grace and Lace things I already own in another color... this sweater is another one of those pieces - you can see it in my blush color here. It is also a convertible piece, but this is my favorite way to wear it, as a cardigan and tied in the middle. This dress is everywhere in blog land, and for good reason. I love it even more as a layering piece like this in the colder months.

Earrings: Nickel and Suede | Top: Gap | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Skirt: DVF | Fleece tights: Target | Boots: Vince Camuto (also here)

Wearing a couple of my Black Friday purchases in this outfit - the earrings and the boots. You really can't get an appreciation of the boots - but they are good. I explained that it's so hard to find heeled boots that aren't over the knee. The shaft height is perfect on me - to be honest, on longer-legged people, they may look a bit short on you. But I love where they hit me because if they were taller, they would gape. They fit my leg circumference perfectly! They also keep their shape on their own - they stand up right with nothing in them. I took my true size - a size 6. Unfortunately, the skirt is super old. "How old" you ask? Over 5 years. You can see a really awkward, old school post of me wearing it here.

Annnnd on that note, I'm all done! But before I go - wish me a bit of luck, will ya? I lost my voice last Tuesday - 10 days ago. It has not come back. I have no other symptoms other than no voice - no cough, no cold, not even a sore throat. I just can't talk! I went to Urgent Care this week and they officially diagnosed me with acute laryngitis. They gave me an anti-inflammatory to take, and 2.5 days later, they don't seem to be helping, and I'm starting to freak out a bit. I'm unofficially scheduled to see my new Primary Care Physician (I had to shop for one today so I can get properly looked at!! Talk about stressful!) on Monday, but I'm hoping it will just naturally clear up on its own. Whatever this is. So yeah. Well wishes please!!!


  1. What the heck! I have to start with the last tidbit first! I'm sorry you lost your voice for so long! That is VERY frustrating and odd that it's taking so long to come back. Hope your PCP is able to help. And I'm SO happy to see the return of the random roundup! I know they're a lot of work for you but SO fun. You make me want to get way more dressed up every day. :) That last skirt and sweater combo is soooo cute. And I'm happy to your your Black Friday/Black boots worked out! They look great!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. I love that leopard print skirt - I can see why you've kept it so long!

    Sorry to hear you've lost your voice too! I hope you get it back soon. I've been struggling with my voice and lost it this week, just like I did 2 weeks ago! IT's been a struggle at work, even more at home with the kids, haha! Lots of honey and lemon here!

    Hope that you've had a great weekend! The heatwave was really intense this weekend so we had some quiet time at home - we put our Christmas tree up which was nice :)

    Away From The Blue Blog