Monday, November 25, 2019

Buying Lately

Well hey there guys! I don't know if it's because I had a shopping and brunch date with Jenna this weekend or because I was exchanging texts with Gina and Rachelle last night or because I purged my handbags and could picture every blog post photo I took with each of them that made me crave writing a blog post, but alas, here I am! Seemed fitting with Black Friday around the corner anyway. I do work from home now and admittedly don't shop near as much as I used to. I spend a lot of days in workout clothes thanks to midday workouts and teaching Pilates, but I still love me some shopping. I realized I accumulated quite a few new purchases, and thought I would share them! So let's get started.

Jacket: Jack by BB Dakota (also here) | Tank: Express | Leggings: Lululemon | Bag: Gifted | Shoes: Cole Haan

This first group of purchases is definitely my "Could I HAVE any more leopard?" batch. I'm not sure why. I've always loved leopard, but I feel like I'm extra weak for the print right now. And I have been salivating at faux fur, hence this jacket. It's so cute, especially as an athleisure piece! Wearing it more casual like this definitely made me feel less Peg Bundy. I'm wearing a small.

Vest: JACK by BB Dakota | Top: Maurice's | Bottoms: American Eagle | Boots: Dolce Vita

I bought this vest at the same boutique and at the same time as the aforementioned jacket. I walked out of the dressing room and asked the girls that worked there, "Is it too much to buy BOTH of these? I mean, I won't wear them at the same time, obviously." Of course they pushed me to say yes to both. The thing about this vest is that it is the softest most coziest thing ever! In reality, I would have only bought the jacket, but I couldn't resist how soft this was!! I'm in an XS.

Earrings: Nickel and Suede (similar) | Top: Express | Leggings: Spanx | Booties: Christian Louboutin

Sooo every year I end up buying a new pair of Spanx leggings because they are just magical. This year, the leopard pair kept coming up in my Facebook feed, and I couldn't stop thinking about them! I wore them for a girl's night out and these will be coming with me to San Antonio for Thanksgiving weekend. I've just made that decision. I do a small in Spanx leggings. Also, I fold them under at the hem since they do run a little long, but they're so fitted, you can't even tell I fold them under.

Sweater: Express | Jeans: Express

This is another leopard piece but a good segue into the next batch of purchases that I will call "I am obsessed with sweaters right now." This is a size small, and while it fits me great, I think it might feel cropped to someone with a normal sized torso. I am very high waisted and only 5'-2" so keep that in mind when sizing this for yourself. And if you choose to wear it off both shoulders, that will help with the length. It was just less fussy for me to do off one shoulder only.

Sweater: Express | Jeans: Express

These sweater photos were all taken during the same try-on session, which is why I have the same crazy hair in all of them. I wasn't dressed to leave the house, promise! For some reason, I'm also loving Fair Isle at the moment. But this sweater with fleece lined tights and over the knee boots - yes. Makes me so happy. I'm in a small.

Sweater tunic: Express | Boots: Dolce Vita

This batch could also be titled "Yes, I'm still obsessed with off the shoulder things." I have a work holiday party in NYC next week and I have no idea if it is dressy or casual, but I've been buying dresses in both buckets just in case. I liked the idea of a sweater dress, and this one with the off the shoulder and button details made it even more fun for me! I'm in a small.

Sweater: Express | Jeans: American Eagle | Booties: Joe's

Of the sweaters I just posted, this was my favorite! It legit feels like you are wrapped up in a blanket. It is soft and cozy, but since it is a waffle knit, it's actually not as heavy as you would think it would be. It's a cowl neck vs an actual turtle neck, so I don't feel suffocated. I love this so much, seriously. I'm in a small.

Sweater: Treasure and Bond | Fleece Lined Tights: Target | Booties: Vince Camuto

The way the stock photo showed this as partial tucked, I would have never realized it would be this long on me. If you know me, you know I don't normally choose black as my color of choice, and that's what turned me on to this sweater first and foremost. Just a simple black sweater, but off the shoulder to make it feel like me. Paired with black tights and fun booties like the studded pair in this pic or an embroidered pair would be a great holiday outfit! I'm in a small.

Top: JACK by BB Dakota | Leggings: Spanx | Shoes: Linea Paolo

Tops like these are basically all I'm craving right now. Soft, cozy, easy to throw on with leggings. It's basically been my uniform, especially when I'm going straight from working at home to teaching Pilates. And these shoes! I think these are one of the first purchases I made when I got my new job. They kept popping up in my Facebook feed as an ad and I caved, but I do not regret it! I am in a small in the top and a size 6 in the shoes.

Cardigan: Grace and Lace | Tee: Grace and Lace | Bottoms: American Eagle | Sneakers: Cole Haan

Now we are in the "I want everything at Grace and Lace" section. Another thing I've been really into since summer is snake print. There was a lot of that going on at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I feel like that just planted a seed inside me. Sadly, this tee is limited in sizes now, but it is aptly named the "perfect V-neck tee" for a reason! I'm in a small.

Tee: Bless Your Heart Boutique | Joggers: Grace and Lace

This actually falls into the Leopard obsession batch of purchases as well. But hello. Joggers. Leopard. They were meant to be mine. I've been wearing them nonstop. I'm in a small. There really isn't anything more to say about them other than you need them. Promise.

Top: Grace and Lace | Leggings: Zella | Shoes: Linea Paolo

I loved this top because of the crossover front, the hood, the thumbholes, the color, the ease of just throwing it on with leggings. It's ALL good. It's also called the Snow Day Pullover and it's funny because I happened to reach for it when we randomly got a snow day right after Halloween. I got a small, but I could have sized down to an XS and still had plenty of room.

Sweater: Grace and Lace | Extender: Grace and Lace | Leggings: Spanx | Heels: Valentino

If there is one thing I love about a good leopard print, it's a SNOW leopard print. This sweater is also super cozy and soft and when paired with the tank extender, it is perfect with leggings! I wore this for the husband's birthday brunch a couple of weekends ago. I love that you can dress up this sweater with heels and faux leather leggings, but you could easily just throw it on with jeans and sneakers, too. I'm in an extra small sweater and extra small extender.

Tunic: Free People | Leggings: Spanx | Booties: Blondo

I love Free People so much! And their tops, especially their thermal tops, are my favorite. Honestly, when I first opened this one and tried it on - I was swimming in it! But I created a faux knot using my little trick and it helped give it shape and more asymmetry which I love. I didn't knot it at the hem - I knotted it just below my hip, and on the inside of the tunic so the knot "ball" was on the inside of the top vs. the outside. Hard to explain in writing, but yeah. I loved it so much more when I did that, and now it's one of my favorites to throw on. I'm in an XS. It is ginormous without the knot.

Top: Free People | Bralette: Express | Leggings: Zella

Here's another Free People thermal. Less voluminous, but still soft, easy, and perfect to hang off your shoulder. I'm in an extra small for this as well. I wear it to teach, to lounge, I've even worked out in it. I've had it less than a month but can think of countless times I've grabbed it.

Top: CS Gems | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Leggings: Spanx | Booties: Cole Haan

We are winding down to the last few purchases! Now we are in shoes! My shoe purchases are a little different these days, but I still love a good pair of heels, I can't give them up. These booties - you will have to check out the stock photo. They are blue and beautiful and I didn't even care that I was wearing a blavy combo with the black and navy because I wanted to wear the booties. Just like all Cole Haans, they're like walking on pillows even though they are heeled. LOVE. I sized up to a 6.5 only because they looked a touch narrow. They are otherwise true to size.

Scarf: H&M | Sweater: Nordstrom | Leggings: Spanx | Shoes: TOMS

I swear I am the perfect person for Facebook to target because I've bought so many things thanks to Facebook ads. These shoes are one of those things. I loved that they had faux fur - looked cozy to throw on without them being bulky booties. And leopard. I am wearing my normal size 6.

Flannel: American Eagle | Tank: From Warner Bros Studio | Bottoms: American Eagle | Shoes: Cole Haan

Since I've been going to NYC, I've been on a hunt to find a flat shoe that I can wear socks with that isn't an actual sneaker or a bootie. I thought this shoe was a great mix of all that criteria. The silver details make it a bit special. The husband has the boy version of these shoes (without the metallics) and I've always been jealous, until now! I wore this to a Friends-themed trivia night. I haven't gotten to style the shoes for a work trip just yet. I'm in my normal size 6.

Everything in these photos are old and from Express except all bottoms are from American Eagle and the tunic on the right is from CS Gems. The shoes are Cole Haan.

Alright! We have reached the end!! Last but not least are these shoes! They are a slip on sneaker but so much more special than that! Rachelle linked to them in a newsletter a few weeks ago and I fell in love! I adored the nude color - makes them so much more versatile. And I loved that they had more of an almond toe vs. a round toe. There is some gold details around the toe as well that also dress them up a bit. I wore them on a 3-day trip to NYC and was so pleased! I will say that I did have to add this heel insert because they rubbed a little on my heel and ankle ball, but raising them with this heel insert worked like a charm. Such a great shoe!

Ok then, I think I crammed about 5 days worth of posts into one! But I guess that's what happens when I don't blog for 5 months!! Hope you found some good inspiration in here though! It felt good to share with you guys again. And yes, I still take outfit selfies every single day even though I don't blog regularly! Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping if I don't talk to you before then!


  1. What a FUN Thanksgiving surprise it was to see this post come up in my Bloglovin feed!! So fun to see what you've been wearing lately! Also fun to see that you are loving BB Dakota stuff too. That leopard jacket looks SO good on you!

  2. so many cute outfit, that BB dakota jacket is so cute and love your new spanx leggings, gah don't tempt me lol