Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kate Spade Saturday

Have any of you checked out the pop-up shop on Fab.com debuting Kate Spade's new "Saturday" line? As I stated in "My Style" post, I'm such a huge fan of Kate Spade. that's probably an understatement. Saturday has the same bold colors, simple cuts, and thoughtful designs, but at a lower price point. It's also meant to be a bit more casual than the parent line. I loved the quote Fab.com put on their site about what Theresa Canning Zast, Creative Director of Kate Spade Saturday, had to say about the name:

There’s something so optimistic about Saturday—just the word puts a smile on your face. And we wanted to capture that spirit seven days a week with designs that are bold and colorful.

Naturally, I had to check this out immediately. I ended up ordering just two things:

Super simple dress with a lower scoop at the back. I loved the color and figured this would be very versatile in the summer. So many possibilities in terms of how you could accessorize this. I'm thinking gold and leopard or ivory and pearls. This would also look so sweet paired with my Kate Spade polka dot mesh pumps.

What a great ring! The shape is so simple but unique at the same time, and the colorblocking makes me smile. I was even more excited that this actually came in a size 5. Normally rings never come any smaller than a size 6, which is just a tad big for my freakishly small fingers.

Some other things that had me tempted, but I ended up not ordering:

I need another weekend type bag like I need a hole in my head. This print is great and makes me excited for warmer months.

I loved this dress in black and white also, but in the end, I went with the red because I felt it'd be more versatile and easier to mix and match accessories.

These sandals and I need to be on a beach somewhere in Mexico. Just saying. 

This necklace is so clever! The two charms are actually magnets that work as the closure for the chain.

This half circle purse is uh-dorable. I love how the gridded interior is such a contrast to the round silhouette of the exterior, but it all works together to create a simple, clean design. Not to mention that it feeds my cobalt addiction.

I can't wait for Saturday to go live!! I've started following them on Twitter for the constant updates. I will have to do a follow up post and let you know how my two items worked out! Excited!


  1. I wasn't honestly all that blown away by the Saturday stuff...it's all a little too something for me--bright? youngish? mod?--but I'm still looking forward to the full line!

    I DID have my eye on that weekender...but I just can't quite justify it yet. Soon!

  2. I need that weekend bag. Just plain need it.