Thursday, March 12, 2015

Last but not least

Sunnies: Tom Ford | Sweater: Neiman Marcus (option) | Necklace: Stella and Dot | Bag: Tory Burch (optionbudget option) | Top: Express (option) | Bracelets: Nadri | Bottoms: Express (option) | Boots: Frye

And here is your last official outfit of the #RemixFix2015 challenge. I started this challenge two months ago, you guys. TWO MONTHS! While I love this outfit, these are my favorite Fryes I own by the way, I am giddy with excitement to wear what I want in my closet without feeling guilty or accountable to stick to my capsule. I'm pretty sure that if I didn't have my trips and other special occasions mixed in to give me relief from the capsule, I would have died a slow death. But I won't focus on that now - I'll be recapping everything in detail on Monday!


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  1. love the casual style! beautiful bag!


  2. yea that's why I can't do these capsule challenges lol. These boots are beautiful indeed.


  3. hahaha! Yeah, I think that's why I have never tried the capsule wardrobes. But I think you did such a great job! Those boots are so cute!

  4. FINALLY!! I think you should celebrate your capsule being done with another big shopping spree and a slew of new outfits! I know you have stuff you bought at Christmas that we haven't even seen! I do love this outfit, BTW. Great choice to use white skinnies here!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  5. Woohoo! Can't wait to see the recap :)

    xo, Jasmin

  6. Can't go wrong with a classic combo like this! I'll be fun to see the recap, but I'm happy for *you* that you can expand to your whole closet and shop freely again :-) While we, the readers, would never be able to tell you were working with a limited selection, I certainly understand from wearing side of it!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  7. So cute! Love the plaid shirt and your necklace. Great job sticking to your capsule! xx

    Audrey | http://www.keygypsy.com

  8. my favourite combo, plaid and white jeans, Great mix. .I am hosting a linkup on www.alabouroflife.com, would love to have you drop by