Monday, April 6, 2015

Soft chambray

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great Easter! Unfortunately, my weekend wasn't a long one, as everyone else's seemed to be! But I did get some relaxation in while still being productive, so I cannot complain! Back to the grind!

Via Instagram here | Sandals: Dolce Vita

I was so excited to come across this chambray on LOFT's website. I may or may not have more chambray's than one should own, but I can honestly say that I don't have a striped version! This fit nicely in my collection. And not only is it soft in color, but it is soft in feel and texture as well. I've been craving a good denim on denim outfit lately and had a great "Aha!" moment when I realized this chambray would be great for that theme!

Sunnies: Tom Ford | Bag: Kate Spade (optionbudget option) | Top: LOFT | Bracelet: Natasha Couture | Bottoms: Express | Shoes: Vince Camuto (option, swoon option)

I'm loving these jeans as well! I bought them because I needed a pair that wasn't distressed, and the fit is perfect and they're super comfortable. I've been wanting a new pair of flares lately also, but the thing I love about skinny jeans is that you can wear them with literally any shoe, any heel height. I like my flares to hover just over the ground, so I find that I can only wear certain flares with certain heels/shoes. So, it's either I get them hemmed by a tailor accordingly, or I buy multiple pairs to accommodate multiple heel heights. THE STRUGGLE!


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  1. You know if someone made button up flares that you could adjust depending on what shoe height you were wearing that day i think they'd make a fortune! :) I have a couple of pairs of flares I have to get hemmed so they work with flats as I wear heels so rarely now. I just can't take the plunge as what if I want to wear them with heels one day?! haha!

    Love this outfit on you - that new shirt is very nice and your bag is so cute! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue

  2. this shirt is so nice, I love that little blue bag too. This is the perfect outfit formula.


  3. Love this entire outfit. The flare struggle is so real, it frustrates me just thinking about how many pairs I would need to buy to match up with my heel heights! #firstworldproblems #thestruggleisreal

    xo, Jasmin

  4. Happy Easter Carylee - you look as fresh as a Spring morning! Don’t forget to join the giveaway I am hosting this week until April 12!


  5. Love this top from LOFT! Great find for sure. This is the perfect casual look for Spring. :)


  6. Such a classic look. I am wearing a similar outfit today. I just love your chic button-down.

  7. Yeah....I am really digging that LOFT shirt. I like both of your styling options between the flatlay and today's outfit! I hear you on flares. I spend way less money on hemming jeans since skinny jeans became the thing than I did during the bootcut/flare years!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  8. Love the colors in this look. So perfect for spring! I agree about the heel height. I have been enjoying the flares, but I'll always love my skinnies!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  9. You could never have enough chambrays! I'm always tempted to buy a new one even if it's just for the fit or variation of color. I looove this one. The color palette is just perfect for spring. Such a perfect casual chic outfit. Have a great week! ~Cynthia

  10. Love your chambray! I too have multiple chambray shirts, I don't think you can have too many. Thank you for hosting your link up!


  11. You look fantastic! I'm in love with those Dolce Vita sandals!

  12. Super cute purse!
    Carrie and Stacy

  13. I love that striped chambray! I actually don't even own one chambray! I am so late to the chambray party! I see so many outfits that I love with them but have had trouble finding one that I loved

  14. That shirt looks perfect for a comfy but cute day! I love the color of your bag as well!

  15. Lol at the struggle! I have two different pairs of flare jeans and they both have their own shoes that can go with them, which is one pair each because it really is hard pairing shoes with flares if you don't choose the option of getting them hemmed. I'm just impatient and want to wear them the second I buy them haha! I love the striped chambray top! I own about 6 chambray tops but none that are striped, so this may make its way to my closet too!! Thanks for sharing!! <3

    Hope you have a great Monday!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  16. I love the blue bag of course and your jeans do look great on you. I think i am the only one without a chambray shirt.looks great!
    Would love to invite you to my Turning Heads Tuesday link up tomorrow!
    xx jess

  17. Super cute look, the shirt is a great find!

  18. The striped chambray looks so cute and soft too! I love this look!

    Doused In Pink

  19. I love those heels. Springtime pretty!


  20. Perfect spring outfit, Carylee! You can never have too many chambrays. =D


    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  21. My weekend wasn't long either. It was back to the grind first thing this morning. We did get off a few hours early on Friday, so that was nice. I love that top! This would also look great with white jeans too. So springy and fun. You look great!

  22. That is a great chambray for the collection, I saw a similar one on JCrews page recently that I really liked as well! You'll get a lot of great use out of this particular wash!


  23. I love the shades of blue! You've inspired quite a few things in my wardrobe. That bag, and the knot front tee I'm wearing in my post today :)

  24. Love the denim and blue/white stripes. Such a fresh look!

  25. Love the shoes and the bracelet. Nailed it! Stop by my Wednesday link up (still live) if you get a chance.


  26. Loving this relaxed, polished outfit on you! I just picked up a soft chambray shirt for running around town days.
    Red Reticule | Three Faces of a Woman

  27. Cute chambray top. I normally see plain or polka dotted ones but this is the first striped one I can recall ever seeing. Thanks for hosting!
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

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