Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shopbop Friends and Family Sale

Shopbop Friends and Family Sale happening now!
Read all the details about the sale HERE!

Being sick this weekend and not having new blog outfits to share with you just gives me more time to share sale finds with you instead! And I mentioned yesterday that the Shopbop Friends and Family Sale just kicked off Tuesday at midnight. It's been hard narrowing down my list of things I want, but here is everything I've had my eye on in case you need some inspiration! Normally I like to entice you guys with sale stuff once I actually have my purchased items in hand! But, since it's only a 3-day sale, and I can't shop in a brick and mortar store, I'm not going to have my items in hand before the sale ends, so I'll have to share my wants via stock photo collages instead of my usual flat lays or dressing room selfies. I tried to select items that are unique to me so hopefully your blog feed isn't a sea of the same sale stuff! 

Shop Free People Tunics HERE

I really try not to just jump right in to shoes and handbags. I'm not sure why, but clothes are always the last thing I shop for during big sales like this. But, in an effort to provide you with well-rounded choices, I made sure to start my picks from the top down - literally and figuratively. I always tend to crave Free People even more, specifically in the fall. Perhaps I have more of a boho style in the fall? I don't think so? But for whatever reason, I love their stuff even more during this time of year vs. any other season. Maybe it's because literally every piece they make pairs well with booties! 

Vegan jackets
Shop vegan friendly jackets HERE

I have a pretty healthy collection of faux leather jackets, yet somehow still not quite enough. Jackets are also a favorite of mine to shop during big sales because I feel like I get more bang for the buck - I can wear it with several outfits vs. just one outfit, which makes the price per wear a better value. That's my logic anyway!

Shop Current/Elliott "Stiletto" jeans HERE and Joe's Flawless Vixen Jeans HERE

The same goes for designer denim. It's a relatively bigger ticket item, but denim is something that is a constant workhorse in my closet, so I don't mind dishing out a few more dollars for it. Waiting for a sale like this to invest in some designer denim makes the price tags a little more palatable anyway! Jenna convinced me during the anniversary sale that Current/Elliott jeans did wonders for my tushy, and you'd know she was right if you saw this post here. I've picked up another pair since then, and have my eye on a couple more. You can also see me sporting a pair of the Joe's Flawless Vixen jeans here.

Cuoio bags
Shop Cuoio colored bags HERE

Admittedly, I'm not even quite sure how to pronounce the word "Cuoio" but I can tell you that it's gorgeous. As I was perusing the site, I noticed that I would instantly start drooling when a bag in this color appeared on my screen. And then I realized they were all named exactly the same color. I am obsessed! Picking a bag is going to be a tough decision!

Sam Ed pumps
Shop Sam Edelman pumps HERE

Splendid booties
Shop Splendid booties HERE

And last, but never least are shoes. With fall upon us, pumps and booties are my jam. Shopbop has a ton of options in every price range, but I did turn to my old faithful, Sam Edelman when I started my search for pumps I "needed." And these black peep toe Splendid booties are calling my name! I am swooning over that zipper detail!

Shop flat, printed Clare V clutches HERE
(See full outfit details here)

And, if you're looking to just buy one splurge item and be done with it, I recommend the infamous Clare V clutch. I know, it's a bit blogger cliche, but that doesn't stop everyone from posing with a Starbucks cup, now does it? I resisted the clutch for a long time, but then Jenna pointed out this olive one, and it was hard to say no to it. And for 25% off, I think it should be hard for YOU to say no to it, too!

Well, I think that's enough for one post! Hope you had fun shopping with me! I'll be sure to share everything I ended up buying in a future post! The best thing about Shopbop is being able to log in with your Amazon Prime account and having free 2-day shipping! That means I will be flat laying my new purchases by the weekend! Woo!


  1. that free people denim tunic is so cute, I ended getting 2 booties. What did you get?


    1. I got the RM Reagan satchel! But I do think I want that denim tunic. I had it in my cart along with that drapey moto jacket!! Which booties did you get?!

  2. Gorgeous pieces especially the boho-style clothes and all those adorable jeans and colored bottoms. Love your flat layout outfit. I might have to get that clutch and the striped Olive Barcelona Cami. Where is the clutch from?

    1. Thanks! The clutch is part of the Shopbop sale. It's the Clare V flat jaguar print clutch!