Friday, November 15, 2013

Bottoms up

(Pretend both of my sleeves are cuffed)

Scarf: Gifted (option) | Jacket: Express (option) | Dress: Bailey 44 (option) | Bracelet: J Crew Factory (option) | Boots: Michael by Michael Kors

I don't know if you guys have caught on to my posting style by now, but I usually like to start with an overall view of the outfit, then with detail photos of top, middle, bottom, and finally end with one more overall picture. Today, as the title suggests, I decided to start from the bottom up. These boots are new for the season - I bought them to specifically be my travel boots. I had another pair (seen here) that had no hardware or zipper or anything, but they were difficult to keep their shape with bare legs - they ended up being just a little bit too loose around my calves. I bought these Michael Kors "Arley" boots during the anniversary sale and fell in love with them because they molded to my calves and felt super amazingly comfortable. Although I'm not huge on logo'd pieces, I love the gold plates at the front of these boots. They do say "Michael Kors" but it's not super blatant or recognizable, so it doesn't bother me at all, in fact, I very much like the pops of gold bling.

I traveled home today, and you know that dresses are my most favorite thing to travel in. They don't wrinkle, they're ridiculously comfortable, and you fool the world into thinking you're actually putting forth effort. A lady at the airport stopped me walking to my gate and told me how much she loved my outfit and how "precious" it was. That seriously made my day. And proves my point that dresses are all about Tom Foolery! 

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  1. Outfit compliments in real life are the best! Your dress is so fab...I probably would have stopped you too so I could ask where you got it. (Yeah, I'm that person!) I don't want to give away too much of my final post for the Holiday Series, but there may be something about dresses in my Jan 6 post. :)

    On the Daily Express

    1. OOOH! CAN'T WAIT!!! And that leaves me feeling pressure to come up with something equally as fabulous! haha
      Yes, I wanted to hug the lady, it was just so sweet!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Those boots, little miss, are fantastic!


    1. Aren't they, though? They are ridiculously comfortable - so perfect!