Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello my name is

Caryl. My name is Caryl. 

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned in this post that I was debating whether I wanted to write about more than just my outfits or shopping. Whether anyone even cared if I wrote about more substance. I received a lot of sweet comments about readers wanting more, so I figured I may as well start with my name. :) 

Which is really just like Carol, just with a Y instead of an O. Easy enough, right? Except all my life, it has been incessantly mispronounced. I'm certain that people see the Y and immediately freak out and want to make it more complicated than it is. I get called Carly, Cheryl, Carolyn, Karen. But what I get called the most, hands down, is Carl. So. When I started this blog, I wanted people to at least think of me with a girl's name! I found that when I slur my first and my middle name (Lee) together, that people tend to get it right more often. Or, if anything, people think my name is Cary Lee, but seriously, Cary is still way better than Carl.

Isn't it funny though how you can read blogs on the daily, and you start to get to know the blogger, but in a way that you've created them in your head? Not really created, but more so, filled in the blanks to the unknowns that you aren't privy to in real life. Just like characters in a book. I think that's why movie adaptations to books can be somewhat  disappointing - because it's totally different than the images you have in your head.

When I first met Jenna in person, we somehow went our whole first date without having to say each other's names. On our second date, we made a stop at Starbucks. The cashier asked for my name and I said, "Caryl." Jenna immediately paused and said, "What did you say your name was?" I said, "Caryl." And she said, "But that's not your real name, right?" Haha! She had been mentally calling me Karlie (I'm just phonetically spelling it) in her head for, I don't know, the whole year we had known each other online? A couple times during our date, she slipped and called me Karlie again. I don't blame her though! It's hard to shake that habit! Until a few months ago, I was calling Rachelle from Pinksole, Rachel! Why? I dunno!  It's so obvious with the spelling. And to this day, I still slip! Ruh-shelllll. Ruh-shelllll. It will stick once I get to meet her in person!!! (It will happen.)

Sunnies: Vince Camuto (option) | Earrings: Express | Necklace: Vince Camuto (option) | Jacket: Express (option, option) | Dress: Old Navy (option, option) | Top: JCrew Factory | Bracelets: H&M (gifted) | Belt: Express (option) | Boots: Naturalizer (c/o)

And if you call me Carylee in real life or in emails, I certainly won't mind ever - I did actually give myself this name. And to be honest, my mom still calls me Caryl Lee more than she does just my first name by itself anyway, so I'm used to it!

Ok - so let's talk about this outfit. I told you I wasn't done with my capsule yet! I've been wanting to remix this dress for a couple weeks now, so here you go! If you can layer anything over or under a dress, well, that just makes me love the dress even more! And since this one is ponte knit, it is structured enough to still look seamless over a bottom layer, but still enough stretch so I'm not feeling constricted! I could have made this a little more dressy with my black blazer and black booties, but once I added the leopard belt, I immediately grabbed for green and cognac!

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  1. ha, the more you read the more you know! I'd assumed your name was pronounced 'Karlie' too! :)

    On the outfit side, love how you've layered up that cute striped dress :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue

  2. I always say Caryl, but when I mention you in a post I always write Carylee because I see that you used that a lot. Oh I'm used to people calling me Rachel lol. I just got a stripe dress, this outfit makes me so excited for mine.


  3. Wow that's quite interesting but Carylee sounds really cute to me like this layered look you have right now!!


  4. oops! haha! I was definitely always calling you Carylee. I can't believe people call you Carl...geez! lol! People are goofy. I really need to get myself a striped dress. Yours is so cute!

  5. Of course, it's fantastic to know more about you! I am planning the same thing for my blog...writing more about me and my life this year. Besides your title is great - more pieces of me - now we get more of those pieces. Have a lovely day!

  6. Ahhh, well I'm glad you cleared the air on the name issue!! I'm sure it's frustrating to have to correct people over and over again. The stripes + olive are a great combo! My olive anorak has been underused lately, so I actually think I might do this later this week (but with pants, of course), so thanks for the inspiration!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  7. That's so funny about your name. I've had name issues as well. I've been called Christine, Kelly and Kim (since my maiden name is Kim) so many times. Don't know why, Cynthia seems simple enough. I thought Carylee was your real name and I thought to myself, what a pretty name! Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed reading it. Striped anything is always a winner in my book so love this outfit. Love the fringe necklace as well. ~Cynthia

  8. Love the stripes and that necklace is stunning! Thank you so much for hosting the link up!

  9. Love how you layered over this striped dress! Thanks for sharing your name story. My story with my name is that everyone spells it wrong. (I have an old-fashioned spelling.) Have a great week!


  10. I guess I was calling you Carylee too! Well now I've got it right! I always get called Jo instead of Jill. I love your striped dress with the camo jacket!

    Doused In Pink

  11. How funny! I just thought of you as Cary Lee. It's funny being bloggers because people call you by your blog name, which is really funny because Whit and I get called Peaches. We sound like strippers lol! Thanks for sharing this info. Have a great week Caryl!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  12. I had no idea your name was Caryl! What a fun idea to add on your middle name to make your blog name. It is so funny, I am wondering how many other people's names I am pronouncing wrong in my head now. haha!

  13. OMG, seriously this was perfect timing, lol!!! No joke, I was going to text Gina this week to ask how to correctly pronounce your name!!! In my mind you are Cary Lee, but had started to question this lately when I kept seeing Caryl used. SO glad to know this about you, LOL!! Ok...outfit is fantastic! I don't think I've ever done a chambray under one of my striped dresses, so I'll have to give that a go! Thanks for the inspo Caryl :-)
    p.s. Rachelle brings up a good point...I always mention you as Carylee in blogworld....what's your preference?

  14. Well I'm glad you cleared up the name pronunciation. I needed that info :) Cute outfit!

  15. Too funny! Now that you mention it, I think I was calling you Karliee in my head, too! My first name is hard to get wrong (although I once got called Eric...) but people butcher my last name all the time.

  16. Thanks for sharing the story behind your name. I like the fact that it's unique but I can see why people would mispronounce it. Happy Monday, CARYL =)

  17. I was pronouncing it Karlie in my head too! So funny! I love that green jacket with the striped dress…so fun!

  18. I totally understand people never getting your name correct! It's so frustrating!

  19. Love hearing more personal stories from bloggers, and this was so cute! Thanks for sharing.


  20. You have all my favorites in your outfit post - stripes, army green, leopard and saddle color boots! Love your look. Thank you for hosting your great link up. Stop on over to my SHOE AND TELL LINK UP on Style Nudge. Your outfit would be a great addition to the link up!


  21. Loved this post! Can't lie I've been calling you Cary-Lee in my head for the past year, and for some reason with past mentions of Carl, I thought it was some crazy alter ego type thing hahaha! Whatever your name is, your style is impeccable lol!

    Hope you have a great Monday!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  22. This is certainly a cute look! But I also really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for giving us a bit more about you, Caryl. It's funny that people sometimes call you Cheryl. Since my name is Cheryl, people often spell it all kinds of weird ways, like Charrel...wtf?

    Lol, but anyway. Fun post.

  23. What a cute story, I often wonder what some of the ladies are like IRL that I follow in the blog world. Of course, like you've said, I make up my own assumptions about them, I would love to know how far off or on par I am!

    pumps and push-ups

  24. Carl! How could that even be your name? How can people be so silly (a nice way to put it). I like that you are sharing more and look forward to more! And cute layered look. I have a striped dress and now want to layer with a chambray. I just needs to get a little bit warmer here.

  25. Oh my gosh, I loved reading this!!! Too funny! This outfit is adorable - I love stripes and leopard together - such a perfect combo!
    xoxo Danielle
    For the Love of Leopard

  26. Love the extra content! Also, I had a giggle about your name and recalled our email going over your name!
    I also love remixing items!
    xo, Lee

  27. haha that's so funny. It's true though we pronounce people's names in our head a different way until we finally here them say their name. People botch my name ALL THE TIME haha at some point I let them call me Cha Cha or I usually say its the designer Chanel but just add an "r" lol. I'm glad you did this post I totally thought Carylee was how you spelt your name and I would say it like Cary-Lee! Welp its a really cute name you gave yourself lol

    btw so digging your striped dress. But the snow on the ground?? Mother nature is so rude to you!

  28. I confessed to Rachelle about a week ago when I told her that all of this time that I've known her, I didn't really know her last name and for the longest time I thought her last name was OnEtsy (pronounced Onsy) this was before my discovery of Etsy! Try not to belly laugh as hard as she did at me LOL I didn't realize your name was Caryl either because I always see it spelled as Carylee! Learning something new every day!


  29. eesh, I've been calling you Carylee for a while now! Caryl Lee is lovely though, I like the two together. My name as you can imagine goes all over the place - if I say "It's Zarouhi" on the phone, invariably I get "yep, no problem Valerie". Za-ra-wheee! Or just Zaz to my friends - great post, and love the layering you have going on here. So lovely to know a bit more about you xx

    (Ps - perfect post to link up to All About You tomorrow if you fancy!) xx


  30. I had no idea! It's so funny how people (myself included) can be so bad at names sometimes. I really like the layering here and your necklace is awesome!

    Nicole to the Nines

  31. Hahaha I love this! I always call you Carylee! Caryl, Caryl, Caryl! Also loving this look, I'm such a sucker for stripes.

    xo, Jasmin

  32. Loving the stripes so much!! This outfit is gorgeous!

  33. I'll admit I was saying your name all wrong....Thanks for sharing :)....love the look and your necklace is gorgeous.

  34. Love love love this story!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  35. Honestly, i didn't think your name was pronounced "carol" either..lol..not sure what i thought. loved this story! Keep writing!

  36. I was just pronouncing your name as "Cary Lee", like one word, in my head, but I would have never guessed Carol! And fun fact: my first name is Carol, too! I've gone by my middle name (Nicole or the shortened version, Nikki) my whole life and that really confuses teachers who only see Carol and can't quite figure out how I got Nikki out of Carol until I explain it. So, I totally understand the struggles of having a unique name situation, and I loved this post! I'm so glad you talked about it :-)

    NCsquared Life