Monday, March 9, 2015

Cookies/No Cookies

And here is the last of the CS Gems trilogy of outfits and necklaces. If you missed the other two, you can catch yourself up here and here. This one was probably my favorite of the three, though it's really hard to choose to be honest! And I just loved this clever sandwich board sign! Plus this necklace - so gorgeous and the perfect amount of bling for my outfit. I really hope these posts have inspired you to check out their goodies! I have five of their pieces now, and I couldn't be more pleased with them! Fashionable and affordable. You can't beat that!

Two of my latest acquisitions from CS Gems 
(use code CARYLEE15 for 15% off!)

Sunnies: Vince Camuto (option) | Blazer: ExpressNecklace: CS Gems (use code CARYLEE15 for 15% off!) | Clutch: Forever 21(option, option) | Ring: TopshopTank: Express (other colors here) | Bracelets: H&M (gifted) | Bottoms: Express (similar) | Shoes: Vince Camuto (option)

I got to know Stacy and Carrie a little better during this shoot, and come to find out, I work with a couple of people they know! I had to laugh and warned them that if they ever said, "Oh hey, I photographed that fashion blogger you work with!" they may get deer in headlights looks. Though I don't really mind if my coworkers know about my "moonlighting," it's not necessarily something I actively advertise at the office! If you're a blogger, do your coworkers know?

NOTE: CS Gems asked me to style this necklace in exchange for these photos, however, all views expressed in this post are my own. All outfit photos were taken and edited by CS Gems.

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  1. Happy Monday Carylee!!

    They definitely have some gorgeous jewelry. I love your blazer, pumps and necklace very much. =)

  2. Love that statement necklace, definitely saved the best for last! Your heels are really pretty too :)

    Most people at work know about my blogging - because when I hear about sales/events happening in the city I'll pass the info on, and once one person in the office knows something, well...everyone does haha! We actually had an intern for a couple months asking me all these blogging questions like I was some kinda guru after someone told him I had a blog. It was weird, as I don't think I know that much!

    Thank you for the link up! :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Work it girl! You should consider a modeling career you look too darn cute. And as usual your HAIR!


  4. Love these pictures of you! Our favorite set!
    Carrie and Stacy

  5. These photos are amazing and you look absolutely beautiful! It's funny because a few months ago, I had a neighbor ask me what I do because she would always see me running out of the house with a camera in hand or has seen me a few times across the street modeling clothes, she thought I owned a boutique or something lol! Now a few of my neighbors visit my blog and I have to say, I'm a bit shy about it.

    Have a great day, love!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  6. I love your grey pinstripe blazer in this, and thanks for another style option for my underused teal Barcelona cami! Too funny that Carrie & Stacy know some of your coworkers. Eek!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  7. They have some amazing jewelry! Love how well it complements your outfit. Love your oversized clutch and pumps too! Great photo shoot. Have a great week, Carylee! ~Cynthia

  8. That blazer and those shoes are funky fab!

    Thanks for hosting the link up and have a wonderful week!

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  9. I guess my neighbor stopped my husband and asked if I was a model or something because she always sees us outside taking photos. haha! He tried explaining the blog to her and she didn't really get it, but she is a little older. lol! CS Gems has so many beautiful pieces and they are so affordable. I already spent too much over the weekend but I'm definitely keeping a few things on my wish list. lol

  10. The photos from the shoot look great! Love your pinstripe blazer and those colorful heels!

    Doused In Pink

  11. Beautiful photos! I love how you styled the necklace.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  12. I really love this blazer and how you glammed it up with the necklace! I am dying over those shoes. :)


  13. I still can't actively advertise my blogging to my colleagues hahaha! But those shoes are beyond pretty!!!


  14. I love all the gold in this necklace!!! And there's those fun multi-colored heels!! Love the way you styled it all...dress casual for sure! I'm with you on the co-workers...some know, but it's not because I've spoken about it. I actually get quite embarrassed when someone brings it up at work - weird, I know ;-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  15. I am loving your entire outfit. Those pumps...swoon.
    Chic on Thrift

  16. Those jewels are so fun! I love your heels as well!

  17. Just stumbled onto your blog - I was totally not expecting those heels - but omg they are so fun!

  18. Love those jewelry pieces, as well as your heels. Very nice! Happy Monday...xo!


  19. So many fun accessories! My office definitely know I'm a blogger and my bosses make sure to tell everyone they introduce me too. But my job is very relaxed and its at my university. Since I go to school for communications and marketing I like to showcase my blog as an example of my branding abilities. But its definitely weird when people start calling me cha cha at work lol

  20. Great pieces. Love the all clear statement necklace you wore with the blazer. Cookies and no cookies sign way too cute. Ohh that clutch is fab as well. Happy Monday. XOXO, Elif

  21. Super lovely necklaces! Love the way you're bringing spring in with those colorful heels. And the clutch I'm featuring on my blog today has a very similar detail to the one you have. But one question -- did you or did you not get the cookies? #nomnom


  22. These pics have been amazing, total model shoot! I also love those statement pieces, will definitely check them out!


  23. Those shoes are stunning!!!


  24. Those shoes!! I'm obsessing now!!



  25. The answer is ALWAYS..cookies!! Also I love your heels. The bright colours are really fun. Beautiful necklace too!


  26. I really like the pictures from this photoshoot! I definitely don't advertise my blog at work, but a few people have found it. I really like your blazer and necklace. The necklace is so pretty!

    Nicole to the Nines

  27. Love the blazer and jeans, girl! Express is my absolute fave store to get both of those!! Simply obsessed. Gorgeous baubles, too!

    The Closet by Christie


  28. Such a cool look. I also love the heels, it brings everything back together.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  29. Those pumps are the most lovely thing ever!

    Feel Great Fashion

  30. these are great pieces! love them!

    <3 rhea @ rheaetcetera.com