Thursday, March 26, 2015

Popular on Pinterest

I've been meaning to put together a post like this for awhile now, just to give you a snapshot of what pieces of me seem to be the most popular on Pinterest. My blogger BFF Gina loves stats like these, which has encouraged me to dig a little bit deeper into my own! Let's get started!

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First up, this is by far the most re-pinned outfit of anything I have ever pinned before on Pinterest. As in, it probably gets repinned at least once a day. Actually, if you do the math, it has gotten repinned an average of 4.8 times a day since I first pinned it a year ago. Ha! That's a lot! I don't blame the public for loving it - it's a casual, simple, but super fun outfit. If you remember, I loosely recreated it here.

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Ah, the scarf tying method. Sadly, this isn't even my original photo, but it directs traffic to my blog, so I can't complain! This post is what I call my one hit wonder. I used to get excited when it was repinned. But now I'm over it. Ok, that's dramatic. I'm not over it. I'm happy I was able to find this little gem to share with the world, but I'm just waiting for that next big post to go viral! 

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And this is my actual photo that corresponds with the previous scarf tying collage. Same blog post, just a different image. But it's the image from my blog with the second highest number of repins ever.

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But see, I've got more to offer than just scarves! This collage I put together during my hunt for the perfect red maxi skirt is also pretty popular. I still have this skirt and love it, by the way.

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I'm really glad this post has gotten some love. I originally put this post together in response to one of my real life friends asking where she should start to re-build her wardrobe. See, I can do polyvore remixes all day long! Just don't ask me to do another wardrobe capsule in real life! :)

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This was my Christmas packing remix post from a couple of years ago. I get the sense that people love outfit brainstorms like this, which is great because it's really fun and relatively easy for me to put together in terms of time and the ability to use polyvore.

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My favorite striped midi skirt! I did a guest post for Andrea over at Momma in Flip Flops about how I like to remix this skirt. It's still one of my favorite pieces in my closet and love seeing how I styled it each way!

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I feel like you either love the Sam Edelman Petty booties or you hate them. I happen to fall into the "love" boat (ha) and I've shared this collage to a few people (outside of blog land) to give them ideas on how to style them. They're a great alternative to a nude flat.

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OK, who am I kidding? People like me better when I'm wearing a scarf. I just have to accept that! Haha! It's so true, but I promise I'm not offended by it. I love my scarves, and I love inspiring people to print mix their scarves and tie them my very favorite way!

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So, what I have learned from my most popular pin stats is that I should specialize in remixing and scarf tying. At least I have a fall back in case my real life job ends up not working out! Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me!


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  1. How many stripe dress do you have??? I love all of them :)


  2. Love this! The first pic I actually recreated!
    xo, Lee

  3. Yay!! You did it! Thanks for indulging me!! Of course I found this a very fascinating and entertaining post! And that's too funny that people like you better with scarves. I like you the same with or without :) I do notice that wardrobe-building stuff/capsule wardrobe looking pictures tend to get a lot of re-pins.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  4. Pinterest is my life! I get so much inspiration from there! I love this post!