Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pinspiration and the new bag

If you couldn't tell, I'm all about American Eagle bottoms this week. Nope, they're totally not paying me to be their spokesperson, I just had an overhaul in my pants collection and American Eagle is one of those places where I know their pants will always fit me. 

Every time I think of mint bottoms, I always want to recreate this outfit I wore last year, which to this day, is still one of my most favorite I've ever worn on the blog. So, in an effort to shake myself free from that look, I started scrolling through Pinterest.

Right: Pin here

I love this little peplum zip jacket I got from Zara a few years ago, and I don't wear it enough. When I saw the pin above, I figured I could do a modification of this outfit by wearing my striped jacket and solid colored Barcelona cami. Instead of the taupe sandals, I decided to do nude pumps, and pair it with my new taupe bag.

Sunnies: Vince Camuto | Jacket: Zara (optionoption) | Necklace: JCrew (gifted) (option) | Bag: Chloe | Top: Express (other colors here) | Bottoms: American Eagle (option) | Shoes: Christian Louboutin (option, budget option)

Every March we get our bonuses at work, and every March Nordstrom has triple points. Coincidence? I think not. This year, I decided to add a Chloe to my collection. I had been wanting the Marcie satchel for a few months now, but Jenna suggested this crossbody, and I fell in love with it immediately. Plus, it's something that I can still use on the weekends, since I tend to only use my satchels during the work week.

The bag arrived and it was gorgeous! The color was even better than it looked online. I noticed there was a Y-shaped indention on the front of the bag, but figured it was just the way it was packed and it would relax back to normal after a couple of hours. Well, two days later it was still there. I even tried to take a blow dryer to it to warm the leather a bit and massage it out with my fingers. Still no luck. 

With the help of a wonderful sales associate, a fresh bag was shipped to the store immediately and I was able to swap out my bag for a new one. I wouldn't expect anything less from Nordstrom, but I also hated feeling a little bit anal and high maintenance about the blemish. But let's face it, it's not a Forever 21 bag, so it's ok to be extra critical of the quality, amiright?

I love it a lot, and if you're debating this bag, I highly highly recommend adding it to your collection! It definitely holds a lot for a crossbody bag, but is still very comfortable to wear!



  1. I just love, love love mint and cobalt!!! I think it might be my fave color combo for spring and you do it so well!!! So pretty!! XO ~ Casey @ A Little Bit of Cheer


  2. What a pretty and Spring-perfect look. I adore the peplum striped jacket and blue necklace. Navy or dark blue looks fantastic with mint. And your new bag is awesome: modern, versatile and in a perfect neutral color. I also think it's the perfect size.

  3. What a great re-creation of this look, that striped top needs to come home with me;) Love the mint denim & AEO is one of my faves. Now that bag is everything, total perfection!!

  4. Love this! I loved your old outfit you referenced and recreated it with a mint skirt. If I had a striped jacket, I'd recreate this one with the same skirt too.

  5. I love this outfit mint and navy is an awesome combo. That bag is such a smart addition to your collection, the size is perfect!


  6. Love the new bag and totally crushing over that jacket!
    Carrie and Stacy

  7. Loving the colors in this outfit! I have a navy striped shirt that I could easily dupe this look with...thanks for the inspo!! Glad you got the bag switched out...you're not being picky and I'm sure Nordies had no problems helping you out on that one!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  8. Great outfit, the triple points by Nordstrom is an awesome score since you walked away with that show stopper of a bag! OMG! I'm literally drooling girl!


  9. Such a great outfit! And that purse is everything! Glad you were able to swap it out for a new one. xx

    Audrey | http://www.keygypsy.com

  10. So cute! Love this look and the cobalt paired with the mint pants!

  11. My mom loves her triple point days (and so do I!) I love that bag! I'm so jealous! Those pants are really pretty too!

  12. Ah, that bag is sooo fabulous! And I love that you got such an amazing neutral, year round piece. I don't think you were being picky at all to send it back for the defect. I would too for that price! And I love that you back-linked to what's also one of my favorite looks from you! I also love that striped jacket and that you keep giving me inspiration on wearing my most under-used Barcelona (navy).
    Gina- On the Daily Express

  13. This outfit is too cute! I love the peplum striped sweater with those mint pants. What a fresh, springy look!


  14. I love that bag! Great style.

  15. Very cute outfit, and I am dying over that bag. SO CUTE!