Thursday, October 8, 2015

Adding Fringe to your Fall Wardrobe

I'm collaborating with a few other bloggers to help create inspiration on how to add fringe to your fall wardrobe! I've realized that fringe is slowly creeping into my closet and the best way I could provide inspiration was by showing you different levels of how far you can push the fringe trend. It's definitely not a trend for everyone, and that's ok! It's either you like it or you don't, and just with all trends, it's not something you *have* to rock if you want to be considered "stylish." I am definitely on board with this trend, though, and here's how I've chosen to embrace it.

Fringe-O-Meter level 1: Tassel accessories

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If you're still deciding whether you like fringe, you can always take baby steps and start with some tassel accessories. I feel like tassel accessories are the gateway into owning actual fringe pieces. A tassel clutch, bracelet, or necklace with an otherwise basic outfit may be enough to give you that fringe fix you're looking for.

Fringe-O-Meter level 2: Fringe bags

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When you're ready to graduate up from the smaller accessories and make more of a commitment, find yourself the perfect fringe bag. There's something very hard rock about fringe bags that makes me want to pair it with tougher, edgier pieces like this scuba mini and grommet boots. Fringe doesn't always have to mean southwestern or cowboy!

Fringe-O-Meter level 3: Fringe booties

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Funny how fringe bags denote rocker chic to me, but fringe booties give me boho chic vibes. When I first got these booties, I immediately paired them in my head with a long flyaway cardigan. The booties are perfect with bare legs if it's not quite cool enough where you are yet, but the shorts are obviously easily interchangeable with leggings or your favorite destroyed skinnies. I've scored the booties higher on the Fringe-O-Meter because a bag you can stick in your desk at work, but the booties stay on your feet for you to showcase all day!

Fringe-O-Meter level 4: Fringe mini

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Looking back at this outfit makes me want to wear this skirt tomorrow! I made it a little dressier with the bib necklace and ruffle clutch, but I could also see myself dressing this down with a chambray (or even a plaid button up) and some cognac boots. It's certainly a statement piece and a head turner, but it's hard not to feel a little 5-year-old-girl giddy seeing and hearing the movement of the skirt when you walk.

Fringe-O-Meter level 5: Fringe poncho

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The fringe poncho is for the courageous! I will admit that I felt very vulnerable in this at first. Did I look like I was trying too hard? Is this even my style? Ultimately, it's all about your confidence. Despite how voluminous this poncho is, the peek of my shoulder and the saucy peep toe booties kept me feeling feminine and flirty. I did add my tassel necklace to this, but I don't recommend going any further and pairing any other fringe accessories or shoes with something like a poncho - the poncho is such an overwhelming piece in and of itself! If you're lower on the fringe-o-meter scale, mixing in other fringe pieces could still work without feeling overdone. Really, it's whatever you're comfortable in!


And that's my take on the fringe trend. I told you it was slowing making its rounds in my closet. It's definitely grown on me over the last couple of seasons. I've never been drawn to fringe or tassels as much as I have been in the last 6 months or so. Something is definitely in the air, and I hope I've been able to provide you a little inspiration or courage to give this trend a whirl! If I haven't, then try visiting one of the other bloggers in this collaboration to see if they can help!


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  1. Super cute post! We love all the fringe - especially that fringe skirt.
    Carrie and Stacy
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