Friday, December 12, 2014

The Resale Shop event

I mentioned in my Wednesday post that I was going to a blogger event after work. I had every intention of wearing that burgundy skirt, but it's been 12 days since we've seen sunlight, and it's hard in this cold, dreary weather not to wear anything but comfy distressed jeans. #thestruggleisreal 

So, I used a similar color palette and brought the burgundy into my sweater to layer over that same striped portofino, then finished off the outfit with some pointy toed heels.

Sweater: DVF (optionnon sequin option) | Necklace: Express (option) | Top: Express (option) | Bottoms: American Eagle (option) | Heels: Sam Edelman (option, option)

Jill from Stilettos on Sunday Morning hosted the get together which consisted of shopping (for 25% off), snacks, wine, and mingling. It was great to see some familiar faces from St. Louis Fashion Week, but I did meet a couple of new-to-me bloggers as well! And yes, Jenna was available to attend also!

L to R: Laura, Psyche, Sarah, Jill, Jenna, Me (awkward), Carmen, Yasmin, Latoya

The event was held at a local thrift store aptly named, The Resale Shop. I had never been to the store before, and let's be real, I'm just not a thrifter by trade. I've always admired all you skilled and patient thrifters, but have never done much of it myself. The Resale Shop may have spoiled me for all other thrift stores, though - I'll get to their amazing selection in a bit. Everything for sale in the shop has been donated and each sale goes towards several programs supporting underserved women, children, and families in the community. 

We wandered around the store soaking everything in for every bit of the two hours. Jenna was THISCLOSE to scoring a fully lined Burberry trench for $200, except sadly the sleeves were just a bit too short. She still tried it on twice though, just for good measure, and it otherwise looked amazing on her! My spidey senses kept drawing me to all things Kate Spade like this black dress. I probably should have at least tried it on, but that's ok because I did not leave empty handed.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how this story ends. I ended up finding… ok scratch that. *Jenna* found the most adorable tassel glitter Miu Miu loafers in my size. They were in their original box - absolutely no scratches on the soles, nor any creases or signs of wear in the footbed. $80, but I would get them for $60 because of the blogger happy hour discount. I almost immediately dismissed them because I really don't wear flats all too often. But, I'm always a fan of trying things on anyway because you just never know. And of course there were fireworks, rainbows, and unicorns the second they were on my feet. I'm going to skip ahead so I can share how I styled them yesterday:

Necklace: I'm thinking it's old Forever 21 (option) | Blazer: Olivia Moon (similar here) | Top: Express (in Royal Purple) | Bracelets: Gifted, Nadri, Express | Bottoms: ExpressShoes: Miu Miu (option, option, option, non glitter option)

And if that wasn't all good enough, there were also several door prizes - I ended up winning a generous $200 gift card to another local shop called The Clover, and Jenna won this box of fragrant goodness from K Hall Designs.

Not bad for a Wednesday night! I'll definitely make it a point to pop in there every now and then to see what other gems I can find. If you're in the area - be sure to check out The Resale Shop!



  1. OMG your miu miu flats are a dream, if you don't wear please send them over lol I'm 7.5 Have a great weekend!


  2. What a great event and I can't believe how many nice, high end items they have in that store! Those loafers are SO so cute. I am really warming up to that style of shoe. (which means they will probably go out of style soon since I am always slow to adapt to trends!!!) I love the outfit you wore to the event (my fave shoes...sigh), and the one you styled for your loafers. I definitely need to put my navy barcelona with some gray skinnies. Thanks for the idea!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. Love your layers and how you incorporated burgundy into your color palette. The event sounds like so much fun and the shoes your scored are fabulous! I love how you paired them in your second look. Those Express jeans are fabulous!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  4. Wow, what a great find!! I'm not a thrifter either, but there are amazing gems to be found!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  5. I love that sparkly burgundy sweater! What a fun piece. You found some awesome pieces! Those silver shoes are amazing, too.


  6. What a fun event! I can't imagine wearing a skirt if I hadn't seen the sun in days either. It would distressed jeans for me all the way also. I love the sweater you paired with the jeans!. And I still can't get over those shoes. What a great find!!

    Nicole to the Nines

  7. Those loafers are awesome. Great find! And it looks like it was a lot of fun.

  8. Both pairs of shoes in this post are awesome and perfect for the Holidays. I especially love the sparkly loafers. Looks like a great event and wow how tall is Jenna Marie?

    1. I'm 5'8", but I had on 4" heels too. So kind of tall ;)

  9. In love with that gorgeous DVF sweater, SO pretty!