Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I love doing flat lays. Like LOOOVE it. It's so much fun and relaxing, and let me tell ya, it works my quads and hammies! No really, they do! Because I lay everything onto the floor, and then constantly stand and squat as I examine and adjust the layout, while strategically making sure I'm not stepping on my board! Although they are nice and artsy, I always hear that people prefer to see the outfit on a real person to understand the fit. I posted this flat lay on Instagram over the weekend, and figured I'd give you guys real life proof that it works.

I have only had this metal bib necklace for a little over a week now and I am ridiculously obsessed. It really does go with everything, and you've already seen it on the blog here. As if I didn't already love it, I then realized, with Jenna's help here, that it works amazingly with other necklaces layered over it. My mind was blown. That just opens up a whole other realm of possibilities! I seriously love it. And I promise I'm not getting paid in any way to say that!

These are the heels I snagged from the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale. No regrets, absolutely no regrets. The heel height is perfect, and they're actually a bit more comfortable than the glitter version I already had. And, I mean. How pretty are they?!

Sunnies: TOMS | Necklaces: JCrew (option) layered over Purple Peridot | Bag: Kate Spade (option) | Jacket: Express (option) | Cami: Express | Bottoms: Express | Shoes: Kate Spade

I feel like I've been wearing a lot of olive lately, which is really funny because I associate the color more with fall than with spring or summer. I'm so so glad that I was able to find a more lightweight version of my anorak jacket. With the sleeves rolled up like this, it's really no different than wearing a shirt. The outer layer is perfect for adding interest as well as providing a little bit of modesty for my cami at the office.

I understand that ultimately fit is key to making an outfit successful, but I love brainstorming outfits by simply throwing pieces on top of each other like this to see if they visually work together. I'm done making my case for this outfit and hope that I've proven that this particular flat lay is not just a myth!



  1. love this look and your heels are sooooo cute.


  2. Love this outfit when we saw it as the flat lay on IG and still love it seeing it on! Perfect!
    Carrie and Stacy
    CS Gems

  3. Super cute how you rolled the sleeves of your jacket! Totally makes it more spingy! It's been cool here in CA, so totally understand your need to wear olive, jeans and a jacket! I'm ready for shorts, though--just sayin.... XO

  4. I love all of this put together!!

  5. I've been wearing a lot of olive lately too and it's so funny I was JUST thinking how it's more of a fall color but that hasn't stopped me. I'm wearing it today actually! Anyway - I loooove those leopard shoes - so fabulous!
    xoxo Danielle
    For the Love of Leopard

  6. I love the idea of layering the bib with another statement necklace!! Also, those shoes... swoon. I have to be careful with the Nordstrom half-yearly sale because it's BAD. I end up spending waaaaaaay too much. I need to limit myself or something. ;)

    This look is great and I always like to do the "flat lay" method too. It helps!

    www.StyleAssisted.com (come say hi!)

  7. Yes and yes. Thank you for giving me the next option of how I'm going to style this cami. (And boo that I didn't get to include this in my post last week!) And yes to olive lately. I'm with you...I usually think of it as a fall color, so I don't know why I'm so obsessed with it lately but I am. I just need to re-categorize it in my head as a year-round neutral.
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  8. This is such a cute outfit! La-la love it! That necklace is great. I need one. I love it layered too :) you look fabulous as ever caryl!

  9. You always have the most perfect flat lays and I cannot seem to master it. Props to you! I love the jacket and those heels are amazing!

  10. Sometimes flat lays look better tho, but I like it on you!

    VernaBytes | style blog by Verna Abril