Thursday, September 10, 2015

Inspired by the birthday girl

You guys! It's Rachelle's birthday today, so please hop over to her blog here and wish her well! I'm so very excited to know her and to celebrate another birthday with her! One of these days we'll meet in person, but in the meantime, I will continue to pull inspiration from her!

I knew she's inspired many looks and purchases over the last couple of years that I have "known" her, but once I started putting this post together, I feel like I'm bordering stalker status here! Goodness! I'm glad she still likes me! I just love love love her style, specifically the way she pairs pieces together and she's always able to find the greatest steals! I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth. Don't believe me? Take a look!

Left: Rachelle's post | Right: My post

Left: Rachelle's post | Right: My post

Left: Rachelle's post | Right: My post

Left: Rachelle's post | Right: My post

My first ever Rachelle inspired purchase - see old school post HERE

Skirt purchase inspired by Rachelle
Left: Rachelle's post | Right: My post

I obsessed over this bag thanks to Rachelle's post - read my story HERE

I told you there was some Single White Female action going on up on this blog! But, really, can you blame me? Naturally I had to keep the momentum going on her actual birthday, so my look today is 100% Pink Sole inspired. I just loved how she paired camel with her black and white striped dress.

See Rachelle's original post HERE

A striped dress is such a staple for me! I would normally try and layer or pattern mix or do some sort of color pop, but although I ended up not going with a true camel color for my bag and booties like she did, I still think these taupes provide a similar look and feel to the outfit. They really let the dress speak for itself.

Sunnies: Ray BanNecklace: Kendra Scott (c/o) | Earrings: Kendra Scott (c/o) | Bag: Chloe  (for a lower price point, shop See by Chloe bags HERE)Dress: Pulse (c/o) (other options here and here)  | Bracelet: Kendra Scott (c/o) | Booties: Vince Camuto (another Rachelle-influenced purchase!)

Sometimes it's the easiest of combinations that I never think of, but I love them just the same. And that's one more reason why I adore Rachelle's style because she can mix things up just as easy as she can keep things simple. I really hope she has a special day and enjoys her birthday weekend! Please, please, please pop over and blow up her blog with happy comments! Oh! And if you're not already following her on Snapchat - her user name is pinksole_rach. You will fall in love with her sweet voice and she will motivate you with her workout and cooking skills! Ok, I promise I'm not a stalker. I just love my friends, okay?!

Necklace: Purple Peridot | Bag: Tory Burch (Back in stock!!) | Vest: JCrew Factory (cold weather version here) | Dress: Pulse (c/o) (other options here and here) | Booties (originally seen here): Pulse (c/o) (other option here(use code "carylee" for 20% off your first purchase!)

And before I go, here's another way I styled this dress. See what I mean about pattern mixing and layers? A striped dress is such a nice blank canvas to build upon. If you don't have one (or seventeen) in your collection, then I highly suggest hunting for your perfect one because it will become the foolproof piece you reach for when nothing else seems inspiring!

Ok, lastly….



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  1. I want to print out this post and put it as a poster in my bedroom. I've starred at it forever before I could think of something to say. Thank you is not enough, so I will say that I love having you as a friend so so much because you make so happy. This is possibly the sweetest and most thoughtful present ever. Getting to know you and Gina is one of my favorite things about blogging. Oh and we are soooo meeting in December, I will be in SoCal for sure so I'm praying you will be as well. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.


  2. This is such a cute post. Love all these outfits but especially the stripped dress and the beige sweater with white pants.
    Carrie and Stacy
    CS Gems

  3. Oh my gosh I SO enjoyed this post!! And thanks for making me feel better about how many times I copy Rachelle! I think you may have me beat! She really is just the sweetest person with an amazing sense of style, and I TOTALLY agree about her voice!! It's so soothing!
    Gina | On the Daily Express

  4. I HAD NO IDEA SO MANY OF YOUR LOOKS WERE INSPIRED BY RACHELLE. Happy birthday to her! You both look great. Love love love that dress today. You styled it so well. The bag, earrings and necklace you chose for it are my faves!

    <3 Ada.

  5. Wow! What adorable outfits. I enjoyed looking at the darling shoes and your jewelry is amazing. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner Co-Hostess at Katherines Corner

  6. Perfect celebratory post! I love it! Both you and Rachelle are killing these looks!