Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Red-y: How to wear red

how to wear red, incorporating red into your outfits

Red is my favorite color, it always has been and always will be! I used to LOVE chocolate milk when I was a toddler. LOVE IT. But then when I was in kindergarten, I switched to regular white milk because at school white milk was served in a red carton and chocolate was served in a brown carton. I legit have not drank chocolate milk since. That's how deep my love for red goes. What's funny though is that I don't have a lot of red in my wardrobe. This post may make you think otherwise, but considering I've been blogging for almost 4 years now, you would think I would have accumulated more red outfits, especially since it is my favorite color! There's no real reason why red isn't more prominent in my closet, though I do feel that it can be tricky to style because it's such a statement color. If you're wanting to incorporate red into your holiday outfits, you've come to the right place because you can pull some inspiration from my post along with four other bloggers in this collaboration! Let's get started!

how to wear red, red bottoms, stripe sweater, black fur vest, grey booties
Original post here
Color combination: Red paired with black and white stripes + grey accents
Outfit formula: Black faux fur vest over striped sweater with red skinnies and grey booties
Shop similar pieces here: Animal print infinity scarf (under $15 options here and here) | Faux fur vest (under $35 here) | Striped sweater | Red skinnies | Grey booties

This outfit is so cozy, I think it would be perfect for a casual holiday gathering! I remember putting this outfit together and loving the way the grey booties grounded the outfit and gave it as much balance as it needed without fighting too much for attention with the vest and stripes up top!

how to wear red, black dot top, red maxi skirt
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Color combination: Black and red with neutral accents
Outfit formula: Chunky pearls with black chiffon top with neutral colored dots plus red maxi skirt
Shop similar pieces here: Pearl necklace | Polka dot blouse | Red maxi skirt

A red maxi skirt is certainly holiday-party worthy, especially when paired with other romantic pieces like a dotted chiffon top and chunky pearl baubles! Maxi skirts are the best because they're so effortless. I would almost venture to say they're even easier to wear than leggings, so long as you don't drink too much eggnog and trip over your hem!

how to wear red, red bottoms plus navy or chambray top, red portofino and jeans
Left to right, original posts hereherehere
Color combination: Chambray, denim, or navy plus red
Outfit formulas: Navy or chambray top plus red skinnies | Red top plus denim skinnies
Shop similar pieces here: Chambray (lace up option) | Red portofino top | Navy scoop neck teeRed skinnies
Winterizing modifications: Outfit #1) Swap the navy tee with a navy sweater like this outfit here Outfit #2) Add a moto jacket, swap the leopard pumps for leopard booties, or better yet, cognac over the knee boots Outfit #3) Swap the chambray with a denim jacket over a sparkle-y graphic tee, swap the open toed shoes with metallic pointy toe pumps

I lumped these three outfits together because even though they may be different pieces, I feel like they're the same outfit in terms of having the same outfit formula and similar color combo. Since these outfits feel a bit more like spring than they do fall or winter, I wanted to make sure I included tweaks to make them a bit more practical in the cooler months.

how to wear red, red dress, neutral pumps, neutral moto jacket
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Color combination: Red with black and neutral accents
Outfit formula: Red dress with ivory moto jacket, black bag, and neutral pumps
Shop similar pieces here: Ivory moto jacket | Black satchel | Red dress (shop options here) | Neutral pumps (exact)

Go big or go home, right? If you're fearless, you can always hunt for your perfect red dress. There's something that is inherently classic about a red dress, almost as much, if not more so than an LBD in my opinion! I definitely like to keep my accessories neutral in this case and let the dress just speak for itself! You can always do black tights and black booties if you don't want to go bare legged for the holidays!

how to wear red, red pencil skirt, green plaid top
Original post here
Color combination: Red and green with black accents
Outfit formula: Chunky pearls, green plaid top, red pencil skirt, black pointy toe pumps
Shop similar pieces here: Pearl necklace | Plaid top | Pencil skirt (scalloped hem option!)

I'm not afraid of pairing red and green together whether it's the holidays or not! You can tone down the Christmas vibe a little bit by pairing the red with deeper evergreens or emeralds, or just snag a good green plaid top like this one that has some navy in it to help ground the outfit.

how to wear red, red portofino and mustard bottoms
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Color combination: Red, mustard, and cognac
Outfit formula: Red portofino, mustard skinnies, cognac bag, neutral pumps
Shop similar pieces here: Red portofino top | Mustard skinnies | Cognac toteNeutral pumps (exact)

And if none of these outfits are enough of a statement for you, why not pair two bold colors together like red and mustard? Everyone will be able to spot you a mile away! But seriously, despite these two colors being quite the head-turner when paired together, the combo does work. I don't know why I am picturing this as a fun hostess outfit for a casual get together. It's easy enough to run around the house in making sure your guests are ok, but it still makes quite the statement to remind people who is in charge of the show!

how to wear red, buffalo plaid top, graphic tee, faux leather leggings, animal print shoes
Original post here 
Color combination: Red, black, and white
Outfit formula: Buffalo plaid over graphic tee with faux leather leggings and animal print shoes
Shop similar pieces here: Buffalo plaid top | Graphic tee | Faux leather leggings
Winterizing modification: Add a utility jacket and swap the sandals for closed toe pumps for a cooler weather option as seen here

Buffalo plaid is one of my most favorite ways to wear red, and for some reason, it's a lot easier to style the red when it's in the form of plaid. Pairing the more country feel of the plaid with more urban pieces like the faux leather leggings and animal print shoes is so fun for me. After I saw this outfit, I realized I needed to wear it again stat.

how to wear red, pop of red, red scarf, chambray dress, red bag, black moto jacket, and black booties
Original post here
Color combination: Chambray, black, and pops of red
Outfit formula: Red print scarf, black moto jacket, chambray dress, red crossbody bag
Shop similar pieces here: Black moto jacket (exact) | Plaid/animal print scarf | Chambray wrap dress (options here and here) | Red cross body bag

If I'm being completely honest, my most favorite way to wear red is by simply doing pops of the color. I do love each and every outfit in this post, but for me, when it comes to red, I feel like a little goes a long way and sometimes little focal points of red make an ever bigger statement in smaller doses. That said, I had to include this outfit into the mix so you can see that you don't *have* to be a walking billboard for red if you don't want to!

To see how each of the ladies in this collaboration are styling red this holiday season, stop by their blogs using the links below the image above! You can also loop your way through each blog in the series by heading to Gina at On the Daily Express next!



  1. YES to all of these outfits!!! You look so great in red! Thanks for hosting the linkup!

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  2. you for sure have more red than me but I do need a buffalo plaid top, I wish express would bring it back.


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  4. You look gorgeous in red and all of these outfits are so cute! I need more red in my closet!

    Doused In Pink

  5. How have I known you this long and not known that red is your favorite color?? I knew you liked it for Cardinal reasons but I had no idea it went back to white vs. chocolate milk! (LOL...love that story.) And now more than ever I want a buffalo plaid top to re-create that outfit!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  6. I've been wanting to step up my game with my red skinnies and haven't been able think of good outfits. Love the ones you've worn! Great inspiration!

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    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. LOVE! Red is one of my favorite colors too but I barely wear it. I use it as an accent instead but this has made me want to wear it today. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  9. Red is my favorite color too...has been for as long as I can remember! LOL :) I love your variety of outfit choices. Great idea!

  10. Pops of red are so fun. I definitely need more in my wardrobe!

  11. You look great in red! It can be such a hard color to pull off, but it was made for you!

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  15. You look beautiful in red and it matches your fun, bubbly personality! I think it intimidates a lot of us, but it's the greatest power color out there and a huge mood boost!

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    Stylin In St. Louis

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